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OnePlus Discontinues 3 Phone, Replaces it with 3T

Shortly after the announcement of OnePlus 3T phone, OnePlus has confirmed that it will no longer be selling the smartphone in US and Europe. With this move OnePlus is pushing their customers to buy the newly announced OnePlus 3T. Sadly for the manufacturer, the long lead times for both the US and Europe means they could miss out on the Holiday Season 2016 sales.

The OnePlus 3T comes with a somewhat larger battery (3,400mAh), extra storage option (128GB), an updated CPU (Qualcomm Snapdragon 821), and higher-resolution (16 MP) selfie-camera. The 64GB storage variant of the device costs $439, while the 128GB one carries a $479 price tag. You can read the full comparison here.


With this move OnePlus will surely piss a great deal of its customers. OnePlus is best known for radical changes and low prices. Now they are reminding us on Apple and Samsung. They did a minor tweaks and pushed the price for $40 or $80. It’s still a great phone, but the difference between a real flagship is getting smaller only when you look at the price. I said I would love if they succeed, they have a great vision. But for $100 more you can now get a phone with better screen, and camera, things that are the worst part of OnePlus 3 (but they are still great).


I would love if they introduced us to premium phone with better screen and camera for higher price. They could sell it with invitation system like they did with OnePlus One, and OnePlus Two. This would give them space to keep a flagship killer for lower price title, and they could join a real high end flagship company.

This move will probably lose OnePlus a small portion of their customers. The waiting in Europe for your device to come to you is approximately a month. That’s a big period, and now, if you want to buy OnePlus 3 you will have to buy it in Asia. You can also check it here. If not, I suggest you to wait OnePlus 5 (since OnePlus decided to skip 4), and new Snapdragon 835. Also if you want to buy OnePlus 3T you can do it here.