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OVERKILL VR Gets a 2.0 Update With New Features

It seems like it was last week that we published an article about new update on the Overkill VR game, and now – we are doing it again. Game Troopers team is really doing their best to continuously enhance the title with a more realistic and fun experience. If you are interested, here is the content of their new update.

First off,  Overkill VR now has two new locations. They are called Quarry (three levels) and the Factory (six new levels). Given that this week saw the worldwide release of Oculus Touch, the patch also brings necessary changes to the game in order to make Overkill VR fully compatible with the Oculus Touch. In every next patch and update, the title will be fully functional with both popular platforms – HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. While it can run on alternative headsets like the PIMAX 4K or

There is also a lots of new items added to the game. Items added are helping the player to progress in his quest. Some examples of these support items are: air strikes, rocket launchers, fragmentation grenades, flash-bang grenades, healing packs, and more.

Because of community’s wishes Game Troopers also added manual reload. Weapons will now be reloaded more realistically by inserting magazines with your left hand into each weapon’s magazine slot.

There are also some new weapons added to the game. In pistol section You will now have Uzi, in SMG P90. There are three new assault rifles, PG39, M4A1 and SCAR-H. and you will now have two new special weapons. We already said rocket launcher, and another one is BARRETT 98B.

I really can’t wait to see what they are planning to do next in Overkill VR. If you want to see our last update article You can do it here. Stay tuned for more news on this awesome game.