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Hands On: VR PARK-V3 Google Cardboard Headset

VR headsets are increasingly becoming mainstream in emerging parts of the world. While the west seems to be slowing the pace of adoption ahead of content frenzy coming next year, China and Taiwan seem to be the birthplaces of VR boom which is spreading like wildfire not just in their domestic markets, but also in countries like Indonesia. Some time ago our friends from GearBest send us their low price VR headset for smartphones, and now we will do a short review on this awesome cardboard headset. I am talking about VR PARK-V3 headset, designed for smartphones between 4.7 and 6 inches.


It seems like yesterday that I read all about VR PARK-V1 coming out, as one of the very first Google Cardboard designs made out of plastic (does it make it a Plastiboard?), which enabled you to strap the phone to your head. Mind you, this was way before Samsung laucnhed GearVR. Looking at the pictures of the third generation, comparing it to the first one is a bit discouraging. It seems that in reality, only a few really minor details changed. Slightly better face padding, front decals changed and a better head strap. But any chance towards improvement (no matter how small) is always welcome by us. It not only looks amazing, but it is also nice to wear. It features built in pupil distance adjustment and a wide range of smartphone support.


The headset is really easy to use. You have first front door that hides inner brackets to hold your phone. Your phone is secured inside by second door, that’s based on click mechanism. The front of the phone will be protected by scratches with the foam. Also there is an opening on the sides that can easily be used to rout your headphones to your phone inside the case. There’s also an easy to use, nice lens distance adjustment. It is located on the top of the headset, and hidden underneath head strap. You also get a nice Bluetooth controller for your smartphone. You just need to switch to Android or iOS, turn the controller on, and turn on Bluetooth on your phone. You connect to the device and you will have option to navigate with mushroom, volume + and -, back and tap (click) option. This is a great plus for this headset because you now don’t need to take your phone out every time you need to switch an application or do something else in non VR mode.


For an entry level VR headset, it really makes no sense to invest into higher-quality Google-approved devices, it is really great and best part is that it costs around $20. you can check it out here. Also GearBest is now having a great deal on their Jumper tablets. If You are in market for one, be sure to check them out here.