VR World

Happy New Year!

We wish to congratulate a Happy New Year 2017 to all of our readers. These lines are being typed at 36,000 feet over the Continental U.S. as a small team is en route towards Las Vegas, Nevada. CES being pushed to the first week of January means our New Year celebrations were cut short in order to make it to the plane in time.

We started our journey as Bright Side of News* in March 2009, and witnessed many changes in the industry. The arrival of mixed realities such as Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality brought forward an idea to re-invent ourselves and take a new approach. VR World launched on the last day of August 2014, reaching a stable readership base. We always believed in openness and openly disclosed our numbers. We wish to express gratitude to all of our 150,000+ monthly readers which enabled us to deliver over 2.5 million pages through the course of 2016.

This is not the only change. Starting from next week, we’re opening a new chapter in our history as we are removing Google ads from the site. We expect to be completely free of ads with the launch of new design. As always, we plan to offer transparent view into our funding process and hope you’ll continue to follow us in our journey.

2017 looks to offer a large number of innovative products, ranging from CPUs and GPUs from usual suspects, first 10nm processors from Apple, Qualcomm and Samsung. What might be the most interesting shift is not the actual products, but the way how they are implemented. PC is truly becoming an “everywhere product”, and some of concepts we’ve seen over the years are becoming a reality. From the Hollywood perspective, expect numerous VR experiences which will tag alongside their major franchises.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.