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Top Five Industries That Offer Best VR Experiences

When growing up watching Star Trek: Next Generation they introduced us to the world of the Holodeck, a room where the show could take a person anywhere they wanted to go, and do whatever they wanted. This of course is the dream of mixed realities which are starting to gain traction, with the first one being the Virtual Reality.

While we’ve had attempts on believable VR for years, the technology has been in its infancy and not really convincing. Things are changing now, and believable worlds are becoming virtually real. With powerful devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, as well as more mainstream products such as Samsung’s GearVR or Google’s Daydream View – we are being transplanted into other worlds and fool our senses into getting lost in them. With the release of PlayStation VR it is also becoming a more reasonably priced form of entertainment that we are more likely to be able to afford.

Now that Virtual Reality has become ‘the future’ just how will industries take advantage? Thinking about this, we’ve put together a list of ways we can’t wait for Virtual Reality to influence the industries around us.


VR Game Experience in the Dark

This is obviously the industry with most potential for Virtual Reality as it is at the forefront of the technology and its progression. What we see right now though are many technical demo style games, but these lack much of the substance we expect from our games. This recently changed with the coming of Resident Evil 7 on the PlayStation VR. A full game capable of pulling the player into a world of visceral horror, it is a stunning example of what kind of experiences the future of Virtual Reality brings.

What other ways of gaming can we expect to see use Virtual Reality? There are endless ways of course, from racing games, even virtual reality casinos which would make the world of gambling even more of an entertaining experience. It will be interesting to see how the industry embraces such technological advances. Recent investments in VR by eSports companies, as well as TV networks that follow eSports only show how 2017 is shaping up.

Movies & Television

VR Couple in Movie Theater

There is already talk about how movies can move into the world of Virtual Reality, and in theory it could have a revolutionary impact. Will we see movies completely in Virtual Reality? The idea is an interesting prospect, but one that will raise many questions. If the viewer is to be involved in the world of the movie, will the lack of interaction restrict the enjoyment or expand upon in?

The IMAX VR Arcade represents the best explanation how VR is getting traction by Hollywood, in preparation for the arrival of multiple VR experiences that will be an integral experience with the top titles this year, starting with John Wick VR Experience – played on a motion captured gun using Star VR headset. If movies are to move into VR, then so will television. With many shows these days raising the bar and stealing some of the film industries thunder, you can bet that there are already ideas being thrown around about VR events on live television. With movies and television having a high emotional impact though, how close to the action do we want to go?


Live sports are one form of entertainment which will make full use of VR, 2017’s Super Bowl has already shown this. It may not have been a huge success, but it showed that there is a move to push for sports in the world of VR.

Imagine being sat in the audience of a big football or tennis match? Being able to experience an F1 race from the viewpoint of one of the drivers? That is the promise of Virtual Reality. Natur

Science & Medicine

VROne VR headset in Operation Hall

One thing that pushes the world of science is the ability to visualise the unknown, and show us brave new worlds. This is something that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are already used for. Surgeon now have the ability to take a recreation of a patient and practice on them before having to do the real surgery? Good example comes from Los Angeles. This could give the world of medicine new ways of preparing for the innovations of the future.

Museums and Culture

VR experiences can thrill the audience

Many people dream of being able to walk around the museums and art galleries of the world, but know it is only a dream. Virtual Reality is changing these dreams into a kind of reality though. There are already some galleries creating virtual exhibits for people to view, and this gives them the ability to show exhibits that can’t be shown in the real world. If you are a fan of museums and culture, the world of VR may be opening up new ways for you to experience it.

What we notice with Virtual Reality is that it is opening up new worlds of entertainment for us, and the industries that want to create these forms of entertainment are watching VR with interest. Whether it be the adult entertainment industry, gaming industry, or many other forms of entertainment, we have seen evidence that they are working on plenty of VR toys for us to play with. Now just to see if Virtual Reality will live up to our hopes and dreams and bring us everything we want from it.