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NVIDIA GTC 2017 Opens VR Showcase Contest

2016 will remain known as the year of the GPU. By looking into technology stocks, we can see that the growth of visualization, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning drove GPU to the new heights. Central conference for GPU technologies remains the one organized by NVIDIA, entering its ninth year. From May 8-11, 2017, NVIDIA is getting ready to unveil vast number of news and features coming from the company and its ecosystem.

GTC 2017 brings a very interesting opportunity for a few companies or teams that are working on creating new products for Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. Conference organizers announced a contest where ten companies or teams can present their innovative work, get a chance to win $30,000 in cash, as well as targeted venture capital, PR and marketing exposure.

Companies will have the opportunity to present their idea on stage for 5 minutes and will answer questions for 3 minutes. Then, the judging panel will have the chance to try the all presented demos on the GTC expo floor. At the end of the showcase, a winner will be selected by judging committee and presented with the prizes. To make sure that this contest will help new companies, and their ideas, VR showcase is open only to teams that have raised no more than $5 million USD in total capital.

Applications must be currently using or have plans to integrate GPU technology such as GameWorks, DesignWorks or VRWorks. Companies and teams should consist of at least two people; one person will need to staff your AR/VR booth, and the other to present.  The AR and VR applications must run using an AR or VR headset attached to a PC or workstation with an NVIDIA GPU – any VR capable GeForce or Quadro will do.

All accepted companies will be offered:

  • Free demonstration space at the 2017 GPU Technology Conference (May 8-11, 2017)
  • Opportunity to speak at the VR Showcase
  • Valuable marketing and PR exposure
  • Opportunity to participate in “Share Your Science” video series

This is a very interesting and new way to give a chance to companies and teams that cannot get on the scene but keep trying and actually have made something useful in the field of VR. Every company typically starts small and such exposure is a great chance for getting some glory. I personally applaud that initiative by NVIDIA. We wish good luck to all participants, and may the best team win. To learn more about this initiative, or apply for it, you can do it here.