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Easeus Data Recovery Wizard to the Rescue

Since ever there was computing, we needed to save the information somewhere safe. Today, more than ever – we’re generating immense number of different data sets, and consuming data at ever higher rate. Every significant event is captured on a camera or smartphone, and every document is stored on our PC, it is really important to save all those personal and business files somewhere safe. However, what if our “safe place”, such as the ubiquitous hard drive gets formatted, you delete file or lose the whole partition? In that case, you would need a good data recovery software to get all those pictures or documents. That very scenario happened to me very recently. My 2TB WD Passport one day woke up and it was suddenly RAW format. The disk was almost full – over 85% of capacity was covered up – and I had important pictures and documents on it. There was no other choice but to recover what could be recovered.

After browsing the internet, you can see there’s a bunch of recovery software that might be good, but either feature a small amount of free GB to recover, or simply not good at restoring partitions. The biggest amount I could find (for free software) was 50GB and that was not enough to recover all the data I needed. Therefore, I decided to try out EaseUS software, which I already used as free data recovery version. The recovery can be run through quick and deep scans, and you can also get a clear preview before recovery, to ensure successful recovery. Really nifty feature is that you can also recover all types of files on almost any device (laptops, USB-s, SSD’s, smartphones, etc.). If you use free version you can only recover 2GB of data, but with the full version purchased, there’s no limit. This is something I’ve tested personally over and over again – check free data recovery software, and if it work, but a license for private use.

If you want to check out this recovery software just go to this link. Here you can find all the System and Hardware requirements, and all devices supported for this software. In addition, if you want to learn about how iPhone recovery works, and reasons of data loss on Apple side of things you can check it here. To end the story with my opinion on this software. I ended up saving all of my pictures with this software, but unfortunately, my external HDD decided to die on me before I could save anything else. In that case, sometimes it’s good to have online backup services such as Apple’s own iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or alike?

EaseUS Apple iPhone Data Loss and Recovery