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iStaging AR App Changes the Way You Shop

In today’s world, where everything can be ordered online, more and more people are starting to get skeptical about what will arrive once the package arrives at their doorstep. We order things from eBay, Amazon, Gearbest and a bunch of other sites and take a risk that the object of purchase will not be what you hoped for. This concern is spreading especially through online ordering of bulkier items, such as furniture.

iStaging is a VR/AR app that positions furniture in the real world environment, enabling perspective correct positioning. This Android and iOS app can help you to show you how furniture looks in real life using AR technology.

As we said, this app contains a library of their furniture, and the company linked themselves with the retail giants such as IKEA. iStaging enables its users to look at it in 3D, order it, or look at it in AR. They also provided the description of furniture. Now, how did they implement it in AR? You can add the object using your phone or tablet in the space that you are recording. Using options like rotate and move you can place it where you want it. When you picked the perfect place for your table, chair or other piece of furniture you can move around it and look at it from all directions. This will give you that feel how will it look in this space. If you want, you can also put your phone into a VR mode and look at your room in virtual reality. This is really neat way to see what you are buying, or really innovative way to sell things. Especially because the application features over 10,000 products.

Personally, I like this app a lot. However, its not without its problems. For starters, I found out that app will not recognize camera on my OnePlus 3 device, so I needed to take supported device to do play with it. Also, some of the furniture looks and feels like a cartoon because of its colors. Overall I am really impressed by this app, and I hope that they make it even better. If you want to try it out, just download it from iTunes of Google Play, or read more at the link provided here.