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Top 10 Stories to Read on April 20th

Starting today, on April 20th we’re launching a new daily section covering the latest news from the world of technology. Every day we’ll try to bring Top 10 stories for you to read and eny. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

Hold on, memory will be cheaper (soon?)

“Major NAND flash suppliers including Samsung Electronics, Micron Technology and Toshiba have rolled out 64-layer 3D NAND flash products, said the sources. SK Hynix has even introduced what the company claims is the industry’s first 72-layer 3D NAND flash chips.”

Microsoft explains why the company opted against combining Polaris GPU with RYZEN CPU architecture

“There are four shader engines on Scorpio, each shader engine has ten CUs,” Baker explains. “The design from AMD lets us choose a lot of options in terms of number of SEs, CUs [compute units], the render back-end, the RBs that do the pixel blending, the cache sizes… and rather than make those as high as possible we needed to understand what was the best bang for the buck… Aside from that there were also 60 or so specific targeted changes throughout the pipeline. Everything from various memory sizes, queue sizes, features to make sure that back-compat went as smoothly as possible as well.”

Twitch on the way to become “new Steam”

“A couple new subscription options have been announced for Twitch. The game streaming site already offers a $5 subscription that lets people support streamers while gaining some benefits. Now it has introduced $10 and $25 subscription plans.”

Microsoft Doesn’t really Want Mobile Phones (Again)

“Microsoft seems to have shut down the service, breaking the one official upgrade path that existed. Naturally, you can still use the Windows Insider app to upgrade through the Insider Program. Once you do, you can set your phone to the Production ring.”

BMW so sexy and …green!

“The charging stations are being created under a partnership between the National Parks Foundation, Department of Energy, National Park Service, and BMW of North America. These charging stations will be located within national parks and in the communities near them, giving EV owners better options for taking their electric cars to parks this summer.”

More troubles for Intel or… Even and you, Brute, my son!

“The issue appears to be Intel’s insistence on doing on the data processing of the mathematical channel separation (Full Spectrum Frequency Capture, which this modem utilizes, is a very mathematically intense operation) on a weak Atom CPU. The CPU bogs down under load, resulting in frequent latency spikes up to 250ms (that’s like going around the globe twice, for reference). Intel for its part has put out firmware patches, but two fixes later and they are apparently unable to correct this issue beyond making ICMP work. TCP/UDP is still a mess, and guess what? That’s what everyone uses.”

Facebook’s Vision of Augmented Reality will model Your Social World

Facebook’s annual conference F8 brought the vision of new Facebook, powered by Augmented Reality technology. In order for that to happen, we have two man, one world and a unified vision – Mark Zuckerberg and Jules Urbach of OTOY fame:

F8 2017: Facebook And OTOY’s Volumetric Camera System Will Deliver Six Degrees Of Freedom In 2017

Apple Plans to Answer Facebook in the Upcoming Augmented Reality – AR Wars 1.0

“Apple isn’t known for being first in emerging technologies, preferring to hang back and drop in when it knows it can deliver a product or service better than everybody else. Entering the market with a cool-looking and high-functioning set of AR glasses would be one way to outshine the competing platforms. But Apple may not be able to wait until the core technologies needed for such glasses become available at mass market levels.”

HTC Launches Collaboration with NVIDIA – Save $400 on HTC Vive and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Bundle

“VIVE provides the most immersive VR experience in over 1500 games available on Steam and Viveport. To power all those VR titles, you want the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition GPU. Get Game Ready with NVIDIA Pascal™ – the most advanced GPU architecture ever created.”

You Might Flash Your Old AMD Radeon RX 480 Graphics Card into a Brand New RX 580 For Free?

The newly-christened RX 580 thus smiles for the screenshot, with a stock clock of 1411 MHz, higher than most overclocks possible with the RX 480 cards, probably due to increased voltages on the BIOS level. The user then tested the card on The Witcher 3 and Furmark, with no problems having been reported. Just remember to back-up your BIOS with GPU-Z and make sure to peruse our forums for some details on this flashing process before you get the proverbial grease on your elbows.

That’s it for today. Let us know your feedback and what would you like to know more about.