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GitHub Launches Marketplace To Help Developers

GitHub, a source code management platform launched its Marketplace, enabling developers to find the right tools to improve and fine-tune existing workflows. “When all the developers knew how to search for projects, or they had time to spend looking for specific capabilities, they weren’t needed. As GitHub expands and becomes the repository for production code of all sorts, productivity becomes a challenge.” said blog post, where the company announced it is launching a new Marketplace to help its members effortlessly discover and purchase apps to use across the overall development process – “from continuous integration to project management and code review.”

The freshly introduced platform enables developers to get started with new tools, without the need to create multiple accounts or set up separate payment methods. The Marketplace is currently divided into five different categories, including code quality, code review, continuous integration, monitoring and project management. The platform additionally offers support for numerous popular apps like Travis CI, Sentry and Waffle. GitHub promises that more apps are coming soon, with plans to eventually to grant developers the opportunity to upload their own apps in case they successfully meet the community standards.

As part of the initiative, the company has also re-branded its Integrations section as GitHub Apps, giving developers more control over permissions and access to repositories. Last but not least, GitHub has now also made its GraphQL API available for everyone so you could use the same API the popular website was built on to create your own tools with greater access to data than ever before.

“The ability to find and install additional tools via GitHub Marketplace is another way to streamline the discovery process for developers,” Kyle Daigle told LinuxInsider, “and help them find the best tools to help get code from commit to their end users, faster.”

Head to this page to check out the all-new GitHub Marketplace.