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What Are Virtual Reality Casinos Really Like?

Oculus Virtual Reality DK2

In recent years, virtual reality has been thrown into the limelight as an evolved technology that offers a very realistic experience for its users. VR has been embraced by developers within the gambling industry to help create a new generation of VR casinos for online gamblers to visit. Casinos currently utilizing the amazing VR technology include Slots Million and Casino VR. But is VR really a good thing?

Offering VR is all well and good but to actually grab the opportunity with both own hands and maximize its potential is another thing. Can online casinos offer a futuristic product or is it all an aesthetic show?

When the casinos were first launched a year ago, their VR games received mixed reviews. Many criticized the glitches that were common such as buffering and crashes, as well as the issue of users’ avatars in the casino no possessing bodies but only heads. Sure, funny to look at but highly frustrating when trying to play and win money, even more so if you’re in the middle of a game. Admittedly, over the past year, they have improved no end and they are now being praised for their navigation and entertainment value.

Online and Virtual Environments

Cards, Craps, Tokens… all is now available in online and virtual environments

It remains clear that VR is a technology that very much remains in its early days, hence it is widely accepted that there will be teething problems despite the fact there are loads of long term expectations regarding VR casinos. Potential users of VR and fans of online casinos must remember that certain products are always going to be more advanced than their rivals but one thing that is certain, it’s a ground-breaking time for VR in gambling as it begins to seep into the mainstream. But what about VR slots?

The idea of VR slots is huge news as the online and mobile market for casino games, mobile bingo and slots alike is huge and attracts fans worldwide. What’s more, it is a reality that could happen a lot sooner than we anticipate. Developers have released several exciting slot games at VR casinos, providing a lot of hope to slot enthusiasts everywhere.

Classic casino table games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, poker, European roulette and Punto Banco have allowed players an insight of what’s to come. If VR slots are able to leave as much as a lasting impression, the step of slots into the complex marketplace of VR experiences will be more than productive.