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Advrty Designing Non-intrusive Advertising and Product Placement Platform

Advrty, a Swedish-based pioneer of disruptive advertising wants to offer a new avenue of monetization for virtual reality developers, which doesn’t involve full Field-of-View pop-up ads, according to Instead, it’s a software overlay, advertising platform aimed toward designing and incorporating non-intrusive product placement. It’s still in beta.

“Initially, think billboards, posters and product placements using images or video,” said CEO and co-founder Niklas Bakos. He also added that the most important thing is not to break immersion. Bakos said that their technology will be able to track where users are looking and what they’re interacting with.

It is true that VR is bringing a new platform for businesses in the world of marketing, especially for companies when it comes to engaging their clients. Generally, marketers and companies are often looking for better approaches on how best they can package their goods and services, an event that brings the VR into perspective.

The 360-degree experience, for example, changes how video marketing is done, since it makes the videos more realistic and customers’ motivating. Most organizations have partnered with the AR/VR service providers or application developers to enhance their customers travel experience, software, and clothing trials. Marketing practitioners could use the tech to make remote depositions in a way that removes distance and time barriers.

If anything is certain in the budding world of advertising within virtual reality, it’s that VR is the most immersive tool in a marketer’s arsenal if used correctly.

Advrty is currently talking to a few developers about designing ads that can blend seamlessly into a virtual environment and aren’t off-putting to users.  Though they are focused on VR, they said that it’s also working on ads for augmented reality. However, AR ads come with their own set of challenges.