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Upskill Hopes to Bring AR to Mainstream


Upskill wants to be the development platform for our smart glasses, regardless of the brand. This agnostic approach is fairly unusual for companies building augmented reality applications and it provides enterprises with a neutral way to build these applications to work across different smart glasses systems.

GE, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and Boeing are all Upskill customers that use the Skylight platform in conjunction with Google Glass. The AR market is booming, with Google Glass reborn and ABI Research expecting AR in enterprise applications to hit an inflection point in 2018, with a 227% CAGR.

Also, a week ago, ABI Research announced that Augmented Reality (AR) logistics will account for 24 per cent of global ‘smart glasses’ shipments in 2017, expected to generate revenue of US$52.9 million and growing to US$4.4 billion by 2022.

“AR smart glasses pick-by-vision capability frees workers’ hands of traditional paper lists and picking instructions and enables them to work comfortably, safely and efficiently in warehouses. AR streamlines the work process, and in turn offers compelling ROI to adopters through reduced errors and higher efficiency,” ABI said.

DHL Supply Chain alone says AR solutions have improved average productivity by at least 15 per cent. General Electric also has seen significant performance improvement in warehousing and logistics from using smart glasses on Upskill’s Skylight platform. GE has a dual interest in the technology. As a customer, they have implemented Upskill with Google Glass and Vuzix M300 in pilot programs that have improved process efficiency. They are also a strategic investor in the company, most recently participating in a Series B funding round alongside Boeing, another Upskill customer.

We are embracing the use of AR and emerging technologies across GE to simplify work and increase safety with hands-free access to just-in-time support. The new release of Skylight will allow our teams to further capitalize on the new opportunities the technology presents and enable rapid integration of more use cases across the GE network.