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Now AI can say What’s Hot and What’s Not


Online fashion tech startup is selling technology that analyzes pieces of clothing and automatically generates an image of the garment on a person of any size, shape, or wearing any kind of shoes. The company is currently talking to retailers to replace the continuous stream of photo shoots fashion retailers arrange for each new run of clothing.

Using it’s proprietary image and video recognition technologies,’s product suite changes the way stores and brands build personalized experiences for their customers online and in-store; it redefines the way marketers instantly gratify, acquire and grow their customer base across multiple social channels; and automates key warehouse and factory floor workflows involving product tagging, photo shoots, catalog management and more.

Instead of hiring a professional photographer, models, and a studio, retailers only have to take a picture of the garment laid out on a plain surface.

Anand Chandrasekaran, CTO, said that the future of this is going to be in hardware. “There is no way we can be building AI systems at scale without solving the fundamental issue of how much power we are consuming to run these tasks. That will actually bring things to the next level, when we can start putting some of that intelligence in as small of a chip that can go in phones. You’ll be putting a lot more intelligence out there and that will further enable us to bring intelligence to a completely different level”.

Among the clients they’ve racked up are a mix of internet marketplaces, brands, and big box stores. Their international clients include Villoid, a fashion app cofounded by British model Alexa Chung; HipVan, a Singaporean decor and furniture brand; and Indian online platforms Tata CLiQ and The LabelLife.