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VR Bicycle Ride – No Matter the Weather

VR bike

Imagine working out on a stationary bike, winding your way through courses based on real roads while your bike adjusts to your speed, gear, and resistance. Then imagine racing against fellow riders in virtual reality.

VirchyBike LITE, available on Kickstarter, promises to deliver those experiences and more. “Indoor cycling is one of the most popular cardio exercises, so there are many indoor bikes in the market. However, many are expensive and ineffective at motivating users to work out consistently. We believe that indoor bikes should promote fun and dynamic exercise,” VirchyBike LITE founder and CEO Jaehyun Shin said in a statement. “With VirchyBike, we strive to maximize the indoor cycling experience.”

Even though I personally like the real wind in my hair and the real mountain biking – I think that we would always switch real rain or snow for virtual one.

BingRing Virtual Riding are a multi-national team of cyclists and software engineers. By utilizing the latest technology, they provide amazing high definition video quality and realistic virtual riding experience – streamed right into your gym. So, even if you’re broke (or it’s rainy outside) – you can ride the bike through Andorra, Austria, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Switzerland or USA .

And if you’re very eager cyclist – try Zwift. With a good internet connection, a trainer and smartphone, tablet or computer, riders across the world can ride with and even race each other inside the Zwift videogame. Your pedal power propels your customized avatar around various courses, from replicas like London and Richmond to fantasy Zwift island. If you have a smart trainer, the game will control the resistance — hit a climb and it gets harder. With Workouts, you can pick specific training sessions instead of chasing avatar packs around.