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NVIDIA aligns with the Force with new video cards

Fans of Star Wars who desire high-end graphics hardware can look forward to NVIDIA’s imminent release of two collector’s edition GPUs: the new Jedi Order™ and Galactic Empire™ editions of their TITAN Xp line.

The cards utilize NVIDIA’s Pascal-based GP102 GPU technology, featuring 33,840 CUDA cores running at 1.6GHz and 12GB of GDDR5X memory running at 11.4Gbps.

This equates to 12TFLOPs of processing power — more than sufficient for highly-demanding applications at the highest detail settings, and well-suited for VR use cases (such as the Trials on Tatooine VR experience).

But, besides high performance is a commitment to style, with the cards mirroring the light side vs. dark side opposition of Star Wars.

The Jedi Order GPU, according to NVIDIA “simulates the wear and tear and battle-worn finish of many items used by the Rebel Alliance.” This is accomplished during manufacturing by spraying the GPU’s diecast aluminum cover with a corrosive salt spray.

Those who prefer the Galactic Empire™ can choose their own GPU variant, which echoes the design esthetics and “orderly nature of the resource-rich Empire.”

Meanwhile, both products add to the Star Wars feel with windowed areas that harken to each side’s color schemes: green lighting features on the Jedi Order™ cards reproduce the lightsaber color choice of many Jedi, while red lighting features on the Galactic Empire™ GPUs parallel the weapons wielded by the Sith.

Retail box packaging also reflects the Star Wars universe dichotomy, with the Jedi Order edition boxed in white packaging, and the Galactic Empire version packaged in black. Each card also comes with a collectible badge.

The new cards will be available in mid-November, with GeForce Experience users having exclusive pre-order access.

Pricing is set at $1,200 USD. The products will be available in only the US, UK, Germany and France.