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Axonom brings CPQ-VR solution to mobile

Axonom, a provider of software that combines Configure Price Quote (CPQ) technology with VR, yesterday announced the release of their Powertrak VR Design Viewer for smartphones.

The newly-released Powertrak VR Design Viewer builds upon Axonom’s foundation in non-mobile VR solutions for product configuration, configured product visualization, and room planning.

“VR hardware tethered to a machine, like the HTC Vive, is very effective on the trade show floor but mobile VR can be used both on-site and shared to decision makers off-site,” said Mike Belongie, COO at Axonom.

“It’s the most economical and compelling way to distribute immersive 3D product designs and floor space planning layouts to your prospective and existing customers.”

Axonom’s new mobile app is available for iPhone and Android and leverages the Google Cardboard platform. The company plans Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR compatibility in the future.

“Our VR Design Viewer strengthens communication and collaboration between business teams and decision makers on complex product configurations and room layout designs – regardless of geographic location,”
said Belongie.

“Teams around the world can leverage mobile virtual reality to make better, faster, cost-effective decisions by exploring 3D product models and custom designed environments in real-time.”

The company cited martial arts, mixed martial arts, fitness, and yoga facility design as one significant use of their new software.