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PIXO VR demos new emergency responder training platform

PIXO VR, a virtual reality safety training company, has unveiled their new training platform for emergency response personnel.

The platform was demonstrated during the Emerging Technologies Symposium for Emergency Solutions at Concordia University Portland, Oregon, earlier this month. At the conference, teams of first responders worked to contain a virtual oil truck fire within a PIXO VR-created virtual environment.

According to the company, virtual reality simulations of this type has many advantages over conventional field training techniques, in terms of safety, repeatability and cost. These constraints on standard training techniques can leave first responders ill-prepared to best handle emergency situations.

Training in virtual reality allows first responders to react in real time to a variety of scenarios,” noted Sean Hurwitz, CEO of PIXO VR.

“Virtual reality simulations are the safest and most effective way to reduce injury and eliminate harmful exposure in training. VR is also the most cost-effective way to train for high-risk, low-frequency events,” he explained.

Current clients of PIXO VR hail from sectors including nuclear facilities, manufacturers, and first responders. The company also expects ongoing growth in the use of VR for training platforms in the latter sector.

“Over the next few years, we expect virtual reality to become the primary training medium for emergency management personnel,” said Hurwitz.