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Aquinas Training releases new VR “microsimulation” platform

Connecticut-based continuous learning software company Aquinas Training has this week unveiled their new Microsimulation Engine.

Recently demonstrated at the NYVR Expo, the software simulates the types of pressures individuals experience in high-stress business presentation environments, such as boardrooms or auditoriums.

The new microsimulation platform builds upon the company’s existing learning reinforcement product. The latter is intended to address the tendency for individuals to forget much of what they have learned shortly after attending training seminars.

A core feature of the new product is easy customization; the company indicates that this flexibility means they can substantially cut development time and cost for VR simulations.

According to a news release, learning and development departments and sales trainers can simply “upload their content, click a button and send the exact microsimulation they want their teams to experience.”

The company cites just-in-time training, learning reinforcement, and combined scenarios as being particularly well-supported by their software. They see further growth in a broad swath of e-learning scenarios, ranging from more traditional classroom models to individual sales representative training needs.

The product is also one of the first to utilize the new xAPI standard, the successor to the SCORM standard used extensively in the e-learning industry.