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LEGO AR-Studio Brings Lego To Augmented Reality

LEGO AR-Studio is pretty great. There’s a bunch of reasons for this, but in light of fiascos like Battlefront II, AR-Studio successfully provides a kid-friendly experience for free, without any predatory microtransactions. That alone should earn it applause, especially when compared to the countless Android/iOS titles that exist almost solely to separate you from your hard-earned money, one dollar at a time.

LEGO AR-Studio, in addition to having a good businesLs model, also seems like a genuinely fun game. It offers six popular virtual LEGO sets for people to play within Augmented Reality, and goes the extra mile by offering a variety of scripts and animations to bring LEGO sets to life. This includes, say, moving LEGO trains, active LEGO firefighters, and more. Kids, in particular, will likely be enthralled by the experience, and even adult reviews speak positively of the game.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to all of this. LEGO AR-Studio is exclusive to iOS 11 devices boasting an A9 processor or better. This means you’ll need a relatively-recent Apple device if you want to enjoy this title (which makes sense- it is developed with Apple’s ARKit backend).

Minor downside aside, LEGO AR-Studio seems to offer a genuinely fun, family-friendly AR gaming experience with no frills attached. It impresses on its own, but the fact that it does so for free and without trying to take any extra money from you makes it truly praiseworthy.