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Doctor Who Comes to Virtual Reality

Doctor Who is one of the most massively-popular franchises out there, with a legacy spanning decades of TV and other media. Earlier this year, BBC released a web application called “Doctor Who Time Vortex 360“, which served as an interactive game that fans could play in their browsers. Time Vortex 360’s concept was controlling the TARDIS as it hurtled through space and time, and Time Vortex VR seems to follow the same concept.

In addition to serving as a port to VR with extra features, Time Vortex VR is available on most popular headsets. All Daydream and Cardboard headsets are compatible, as well as the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. While not explicitly made available for Oculus, there’s probably a few tweaks you could do to get this working on your Rift.

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, or even if you aren’t, consider checking out this game. It’s a perfectly serviceable endless-runner type game, and winding around obstacles with the TARDIS at high speeds has plenty of appeal, no source material knowledge needed.

Interactive VR experiences like this one are becoming much more common as development gets cheaper and easier. Comment below and let us know your take on this stuff, and share your high scores. (Mine is 10,000.)