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Augmented Reality FPS WAR of the AI releases on iOS

Trailblazing VR is a startup company focused on pushing forward women in the VR/AR development. Their first game is War of the AI, developed using Apple’s ARKit tools (like the LEGO game we covered a while back) and available for free on iOS. While War of the AI has a somewhat ‘dull’ name, what it does – is quite impressive.

War of the AI is a first-person shooter that’s playable in augmented reality, which has been done before (with the help of peripherals, e.g., but not quite like this. War of the AI doesn’t require any extra peripherals, and utilizing ARKit’s features, enables a full AR FPS gameplay experience playable from any modern iOS device.

From a graphical standpoint, the models and textures do look generally pretty good, but obviously won’t reach AAA PC gaming levels of realism- this is a free mobile game, after all. But when compared to more rudimentary graphics from titles like Pokemon Go, War of the AI does offer an impressive step-up in fidelity that serves its gameplay goals well.

If what you see here has caught your interest, we highly recommend checking out the game on the App Store. Do you think the technology needs more time to develop to be worth playing with? Comment below and let us know what you think!