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Drop Coming Soon To Rift And Mixed Reality

Drop is a 360-degree VR environment that allows people to browse the web in VR. The main appeal of the program is the ability to organize different browser windows and tabs in a 3D environment. This stands in contrast to vanilla web browsing on a PC or tablet, offering only a 2D plane for a few tabs. Depending on resolution and screen real estate, this usually means that only 2-4 tabs can comfortably be used at once.

According to Russel Ladson, Drop Software’s CEO, users spend an average of 26 minutes in Drop. Most of these users are also people who use VR for six or more hours each week, or about an hour a day. While there are other options for browsing in VR, Drop seems to be among the most popular among HTC Vive users.

Soon, this favorability may be expanding to other VR headset users. By the end of 2018, Drop Software is hoping to have shipped Drop for Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. This will be Drop Software’s real test: can they compete with big companies like Oculus and Microsoft on their own home turf?

Drop Software’s ambitions don’t end here, either. While speaking to VentureBeat, Ladson confessed that they’re considering bringing Drop to Augmented Reality and, in the long-term, hope to create a piece of hardware that replaces the smartphone.

Interested in checking out Drop for yourself? Click here to download it on Steam.

Source: VentureBeat