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VR used to educate on Australian bushfires

In Australia, authorities have released a VR experience designed to educate citizens about the dangers of bushfires. “Bushfires”, for the non-Aussies out there, are essentially just wildfires. However, most of Australia is covered by forest (the bush), and this, combined with high temperatures, means that bushfires are a very present safety concern for Australians.

However, some people may not be experienced with bushfires or know what to do when they happen. To combat this, authorities released a Bushfire Virtual Reality Experience on Facebook to provide a simulated version of a bushfire and to walk viewers through three different scenarios.

While you could probably accomplish the same goal with a normal video or detailed written instructions, VR is useful in this scenario due to the interactive element. When people are interacting with information rather than just passively observing it, they’re more likely to retain it. Making the PSA interactive helps people retain its information and thus is more likely to help them when the time comes.

We’ve embedded this 4-minute Virtual Reality experience above, if you’re interested in watching it. Once you have, tell us: do you think an interactive format like this is more likely to help you in a time of crisis? Or do you think that it wouldn’t make a big difference?