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CES: HiScene demos communication-focused AR glasses

HiScene, a Chinese provider of AR products and services is demoing it’s recently-launched HiAR augmented reality glasses at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

The product, which is intended for fields including aerospace, power, automotive manufacturing and education, previously won an Innovation Award at CES Asia and the Red Dot Design Award 2017.

Notably, the company says their product is the first mass-produced binocular AR smart glasses in China.

According to HiScene, the glasses improve brightness and heat dissipation compared to earlier models, while also featuring a minimalist user interface that is particularly well-suited to augmented reality.

Of further interest is that the glasses integrate into HiLeia, a communication and collaboration tool specifically designed to enable improved communication between users in enterprise environments.

This includes instant annotation and one-click video freeze functions, intended to empower better communication and collaboration in a range of commercial and industrial settings.

The glasses are available for order from HiScene’s website at a MSRP of 16,998 Chinese Yuan (approximately $2,600 USD).