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CES: LUCI shows off immersion-on-demand wearable and VR headset


Entertainment experience company LUCI has unveiled their immersion-on-demand wearable and VR headset products at this week’s CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Dubbed “LUCI immers” and “LUCI alyx,” respectively, the company appears to be looking to be a transformative player in the burgeoning wearable and VR sectors.

“LUCI wants to fundamentally change how people consume content by giving users the most visually stunning experience possible through wearable technology,” said Josh Littlefield, vice president of global sales and marketing for LUCI.

“We want users to be amazed by the nuances of every frame, every scene and every minute detail through an uncompromised viewing experience,” he continued.

The company’s “immers” product is effectively a wearable designed for more traditional 2D and 3D content that offers a “premium movie theater experience on the go,” via an extremely lightweight, Ultra-HD wearable that is compatible with high-resolution content, including 3D 4K productions.

While at CES, the company is also previewing its second product line, “alyx,” an all-in-one virtual reality wearable. It is unclear whether the company intends to encourage independent content production for that platform, or if it will instead be compatible with content produced for existing VR platforms.