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Supermedium creates a browser for WebVR experiences

Supermedium advertises itself as “the virtual reality browser”, but what does that actually mean? Supermedium launched on January 31st, 2018, and at the time of writing many people aren’t totally aware of it and what it has to offer… yet.

So let’s explain it. First, it’s important to clarify: Supermedium is not a web browser. It is not a VR version of Chrome or FireFox. While it is an application for browsing the web, it’s not a browser in the sense that most consumers are used to. Instead, Supermedium is a virtual reality browser that allows people to find VR experiences hosted all over the Internet.

These experiences can be found in a normal web browser, but doing so requires a few extra steps. Not so with Supermedium, which accesses all VR content compatible with the Rift, the Vive, and eventually Mixed Reality. The company development team hopes to eventually expand their platform to augmented reality apps as well.

Just as Yahoo! was once the driving force to bring visitors to web content in the early days, Supermedium’s dream is to do the same for web-based VR content. VR World will keep an eye on the company’s road ahead and we’ll report back on any significant update.