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Get Humble’s Not-so-Humble VR Gaming Sale

Humble entered the scene of PC gaming with Humble Bundles in 2010. These were pay-what-you-want bundles of indie games, with the choice to split your payment between the developers and charities. While Humble has since grown into a more traditional Humble Store, it still has a reputation as a great place to get cheap games…and their newest VR sale is nuts.

Remember our Top 10 VR Games article? Well, it turns out games from that article ended up in this sale. These games are:

That’s half of our Top 10! We heartily recommend any of these games to our readers, but we’ve bolded the biggest discounts above if you want to grab some deals you aren’t likely to see again soon.

A few games that didn’t make our list but are definitely worth checking out in the sale include:

According to the storage pages, this sale is set to end at 11:00 AM Mountain Time on Friday, February 9th, 2018. If you’re interested in any of these titles, be sure to snag them before then!

(Image Credit and Disclaimer: The image used for this article is Humble’s own banner for this sale. This article was not written with any involvement from Humble.)