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Canadian government invests in VR training technology

Bluedrop Training and Simulation Inc.'s Rescue Hoist Simulator. Photo Source: Bluedrop Website

The Government of Canada announced this week that it has awarded a $1.1 million contract to Halifax, Nova Scotia-based IT firm Bluedrop Training and Simulation Inc. The funds are being used to procure the company’s virtual reality Rescue Hoist Simulator product.

The contract comes as part of the Canadian government’s Build in Canada Innovation Program, which has seen over $126 million invested in 285 contracts since 2010. Bluedrop is currently the country’s largest provider of courseware.

“Bluedrop is extremely happy that the Build in Canada Innovation Program recognizes and supports the innovative capabilities of our company,” said Jean-Claude Siew, Vice President, Technology & Simulation at Bluedrop.

The technology, which combines VR with a specially-designed physical hoist cable, is designed for rescue mission training, and will be tested by the country’s National Defence department.

Because such training normally requires the use of helicopters, a move to VR carries substantial safety, environmental and overall efficiency benefits.

“This state-of-the-art virtual reality Rescue Hoist Simulator is a transformative addition to the training continuum and will significantly improve training efficiency while reducing cost,” Siew concluded.