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Stories you might’ve missed: $150 HTC Vive alternative, VR Twitch and Hero Vision

There are fast news days, and sometimes there are fast news weeks. Earlier this month, VR stories were coming out so quickly that we couldn’t keep track of all them! Now that we’ve caught up, we’re going to catch you up, too: here are three big VR stories you might’ve missed from earlier this month.

Zeiss provides a $150 HTC Vive alternative

While VR headsets have a lot to offer, the price barrier to most good VR experiences is undeniable. For PC VR, you pretty much need to shell out for a Vive or Rift…and even at their best, those headsets cost $300+. Zeiss’s entry-level VR One headset changes this, though, and provides a viable HTC Vive alternative for the budget VR gamer.

With included motion controllers and SteamVR support, the VR One headset can use your pre-existing smartphone and integrate it into a PC VR experience. While you won’t be able to play every SteamVR game out there (especially ones that require roomscale VR),  you will be able to play quite a few of them, including Doom VFR. Plus, if you have a 1440p display on your phone…you’ll have an even better VR experience than PSVR!

Vreal wants to create VR Twitch

Vreal is a Seattle-based startup with one goal: to create Twitch for VR. Earlier this month, they received $11.7 million in funding to make this possible. While Vreal’s service has yet to launch for consumers at large, there are a number of demonstrations available online to prove it works.

Hasbro brings AR-based Hero Vision to the Toy Fair

Like Iron Man? Like augmented reality?

Hasbro has you covered. As covered by The Verge, Hasbro is showing off their Hero Vision AR with an Iron Man-themed AR experience aimed at younger children. Modern smartphones running Android 5.0+ or iOS 6+ will all support this augmented reality experience once it’s released. Release window is said to be Spring 2018, with an MSRP of $49.99.