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Want to get PlayStation VR? PSVR is $100 off until March 3rd

Sony PlayStation VR

From now to March 3rd, 2018, the PlayStation VR headset will be on sale for $100 off. This includes both the headset alone (which costs $300), as well as various bundles including certain VR games. Here’s a quick rundown on the best bundles available, as well as what to expect after the sale is over.

Why is this happening?

Short answer: nobody knows.

Longer answer: it’s possible that Sony is gearing up for a new PSVR headset launch, or potentially their new motion controllers. While PS Move controllers provide an…acceptable VR experience, their inadequacy when compared to solutions made for VR, like the Oculus Touch controllers, has been a noticeable flaw in PSVR for some time.

Regardless of the why, these discounts have made a good VR gaming experience cheaper than ever. Linked below are a few bundles we recommend checking out.

Best PSVR bundles


Game bundles:

  • Skyrim VR w/ Move Controllers and Headset – Amazon
  • Doom VFR w/ Headset – Amazon
  • Worlds Bundle w/ Older Headset and Move Controllers – Amazon

We highly recommend purchasing Move Controllers separately if they don’t come with your bundle. If you aren’t sure what other PSVR games to get, feel free to also check out our Top 10 VR Games of 2017 list.