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InkEvolved Gets Rebranded

They started as four friends in college and now are four business partners ready to take on the printing world. After noticing a lack of assistance in the printing department, these four colleagues decided to answer the questions so many students, much like themselves, couldn’t find. Questions such as how I fix my printer, what cartridges I should use, how to adjust the paper size, and other similar headscratchers.  After spending years forming the InkEvolved site and creating over 100 troubleshooting articles and counting, InkEvolved takes things to the next level by revamping the brand with a new name and much more.

The Birthday Surprise

In light of their 3-year milestone on July 16th, the InkEvolved team used their birthday wish to make some changes to the InkEvolved platform. First in line is their name, which now transforms into PrinterHeadlines instead of InkEvolved. This change will perhaps be the most noticeable for users, but for the InkEvolved team, the name change is just the icing that tops the cake.  

Equally important as the name is that they will present this new name to an even bigger crowd with the help of social media. PrinterHeadlines intends to boost brand exposure through the use of Facebook and Twitter, which has up until now been only a vague source of information for users.   Since the general purpose of this rebranding is to come closer to the printing community, they’re taking all the necessary steps to provide the audience with an overall better user experience of the site. As a replacement for the unmanaged WordPress site, PrinterHeadlines will try a managed solution from Kinsta.

Taking Troubleshooting to The Next Level

Another essential point of this rebranding is that they will be taking printer troubleshooting to the next level by introducing four new members to the team. With four new authors comes four new printers: Lexmark, Konica, Dymo, and Ricoh. Plans also involve welcoming 3D printers to the family.  

PrinterHeadlines is looking to augment a ‘best buy’ section along with the new printers and their respectable author. While at the same time presenting other segments such as reviews, tutorials, and news.  

To successfully implement all of these new changes to the site and ensure their audience is satisfied with the update, the team decided to go for the tagDiv platform due to its good performance and features.   This transformation will provide new opportunities for the printing community. PrinterHeadlines aims to push way beyond their general troubleshooting content and supply the page visitors with everything they need to know about printers and printing. You can head over to PrinterHeadlines to see all the changes they’ve made so far.