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What Does Vive Focus 3 Bring to the Table?

What Does HTC Vive Focus 3 Bring to the Table?

Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 price and performance created a challenging situation for competitors. However, the financial strength of Facebook allowed them to sell Quest 2 at a relatively low cost, which is unrealistic for for-profit searching hardware manufacturers. With that said, HTC introduced its standalone VR headset Vive Focus 3, which is a clear upgrade over Oculus in many things. Unfortunately, the new HTC VR product is not for the consumer market. Instead, this Taiwanese company pushed the Vive Focus for business users.

Self-sufficient VR

The third generation of HTC standalone VR headset comes with a modern, high-quality design with matte black color. Though the design looks similar to the original Quest and is more significant than a recent biggest competitor, the HTCs headset is much more comfortable. In addition, the device comes with a cloth and headband that has a tightening ring at the back, and it feels better on the head than most competition.

Vive Focus 3 has better visuals than Oculus with a 5K screen, or 2448 x 2448 pixels per eye. The headset also comes with a 90 Hz screen refresh rate and a wider 120-degree field of view. As a result, the displays have an extremely sharp picture, and there are still black rings around even an expanded field of view.

The premium feel of the headset also has high-end hardware. It runs on the same chipset as Oculus. Snapdragon XR2 has incredible performance, but there are many apps since the device is not for gaming or the consumer market. The tracking system works seamlessly. In addition, you will get three hours of battery life with Vive Focus 3, combining Virtual Reality apps and web browsing.

Workaround the App Selection

While HTC didn’t include new games for the Vive ecosystem, you can go online, which opens up a vast selection of browser games. In addition, headsets have a specialized browser, Firefox Reality, the virtual reality version of popular software. With the support of HTML 5, a lot of daily web browsing functionalities can get leveled up graphically into something more entertaining in combination with VR.  On the other hand, the existing portfolio of online web games will benefit from the get-go, like the igaming industry, so playing online slot machine games will bring a new dimension to this experience. We could see ourselves tumbling down from a jump-scare while trying out some of the Halloween slot machine games. There is some regular gaming content, however. You can play Hyper Dash, a team multiplayer. Shooter available on consumer headsets will reveal the possibilities of Vive Focus 3.

Other Vive Focus 3 Apps

To see where HTC envisioned using Vive Focus 3, you can try Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass application. It is a virtual reality tour of France’s most iconic museum, the Louvre. All masterpieces from the famous museum are available in high-resolution VR headsets.

Bodyswaps is a cartoonish application for business training purposes, and it showcases the learning possibilities of VR headsets.

The main advantage of the HTC new headset is high 5K resolution with 120 fields of view. You will also get an easily swappable battery. Moreover, advanced users can tether the high-end PC with Vive streaming cable.

The device has a high price of $1300, which is much higher than Oculus Quest 2, but HTC has enterprise users in mind with the new device. Businesses could go along with the higher price with all the apparent advantages Vive Focus 3 brings compared to competitors.