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Venetian High Roller Event: The Winner is Andrew Lichtenberger

Poker tournaments returned to Las Vegas – over the August weekend (12 – 15) were held four games: two 10.000 dollars buy-ins and two 25.000 dollars buy-ins. These were the enormous events held in the Venetian resort in Las Vegas, and even PokerGO News had live reporting. In the end, Andrew Lichtenberger won two events while Ali Imsirovic and Sean Perry won the other two.

Andrew Lichtenberger is a 33 years old professional poker player from the USA, and he ended 10.000 dollars buy-in event with 120.000 dollars, while the 25.000 dollars buy-in got him another 125.350 dollars. With all these earnings, this young poker player increased his tournament earnings to 11.7 million dollars. Undeniably, poker is one of the most famous card games, it gets usually played in private residences and casinos, but today it is trendy online. Even though an ordinary person will think that poker players base their game on a considerable amount of luck, it is not true – they have a lot of skills. Today there are more and more professional poker players and poker pages where you can find anything involved.

Lichtenberger – Young Hope

Andrew Lichtenberger – Player of the Year

Andrew Lichtenberger also got 168 Card Player points for Player of the Year, so with all the earned points, he could end the year sitting in 61st place on the GlobalPoker scale. So far, he has accumulated 1,393 points and earned 604.100 dollars this year. But the year is still not over, so his earnings could go even higher with the next tournaments. There is also the PokerGO Tour leaderboard, where he stands at 22nd place with 75 points.

With all these numbers, Lichtenberger showed that he is a very skilled professional poker player and that there is enough space for people who want to take this game seriously enough to earn on it. It was a good year for him after the pause that most poker players didn’t participate. Andrew is also known by his nick ‘Lucky Chewy’ since this is his online alias. Besides playing poker, he is a video producer and a poker coach at a poker learning website Leggo Poker.

Negotiation Over the Prize

In the final event of the Venetian tournament, there were 14 players, and they created a pool of 350.000 dollars. Rules usually suggest that two final players set to payout, but since the fourth player, Chris Brewer, was eliminated, the three players who left in the finals negotiated and, in the end, agreed on the distribution of the prize. This outcome is how Andrew Lichtenberger collected his second victory since he was the front-runner. However, in the world of poker tournaments, this was the year of Bosnian poker player Ali Imsirovic – he already got named the top high roller tournament performer in 2021. He won eight titles this year, collected 2.600 PokerGO points, and set goals on a very high level. However, there is still a lot of time until the end of the year, and 26 years old Ali doesn’t plan to take his foot off the gas.