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New From Nanoport: Titan Haptics With Magnetic Technology

Titan Haptics Nanoport Technology and Titan Haptics are changing the way we interact with electronic devices.

Nanoport Technology Inc. is an R&D lab company that provides technology solutions for new form factors, haptics and develops new ways to connect electronic devices. This company is Toronto-based and has about 20 employees. At this moment is the largest shareholder in Titan Haptics. The development of Nanoport started in 2017 with magnetic arrays and possibilities of controlling and manufacturing them. The result of haptics in the laboratory was going in the right direction, and the company got numerous inquiries from various industries.

What is Titan Haptics?

Nanoport Technology and TitanHaptics are changing the way we interact with electronic devices.
Nanoport Technology and TitanHaptics are changing the way we interact with electronic devices.

Haptics is the science and technology of transmitting and processing information that got sent through touch. In simple words, this is magnet technology that Nanoport uses to ”create little motors that produce the sensation of touch feedback with an electronic device surface”. When you press the side of your smartphone, magnet technology that is built-in triggers it, and it feels like the user pressed a physical button where it doesn’t exist. Titan haptics use just one moving part that allows the user to move an object and feel actual controls. Users will get sharp, short clicks made by high G force.

Nanoport wanted to combine foldable and modular devices in one that would be as efficient as possible. In addition to that, they wanted to add buttons on the folding parts of it. That didn’t work, and they turned the idea around and decided to develop a software-defined control that will give users a very realistic feel without a physical button. When conventional haptics didn’t work, they set magnetic haptics.

How will Titan Haptics adapt in daily use in life? Small portable devices will use this magnetic technology in a short time, according to Nanoport, who will launch a commercial program with the mobile starter. Few VR and AR tech news outlets reported that Nanoport licensed Striker VR to use new Titan Haptics in their virtual reality headsets. The addition of the touch feeling in VR will upgrade HD. Besides the gaming industry, it will use intelligent device production like touchscreens and music instruments.

HD Touch Technology

HD touch is a new branch of HD technology. While video and audio are getting developed, touch is unique on the scene. Nanoport is one of the pioneers in this industry. In 2018 they announced a new haptic motor that generates an intense HD touch sensation. This motor is getting developed for VR and gaming accessories. In 2019 they presented a design for universal haptics protocol, and in 2020 helped to found Haptics Industry Forum to harmonize protocols this year. Nanoport is putting a lot of effort into the HD Touch industry. They are offering everything to streamline integration on the market. From software to blueprints of motor designs, they want to see progress in the industry.

Gaming is a good starting point for all electronic innovations. HD touch will adopt an even better gaming experience. Adding the Titan Haptics to VR will improve virtual meetings and other VR events for users. The company is sure that Titan Haptics will have great success in implementation in various industries. In the words of the founder Tim Szeto, “You can use it for things like military training or location-based VR.”