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Book Review: An Inside Look at The Steve Jobs Way


There are two classifications of books we really enjoy reading/studying – history and business management.  But it’s tough to put Jay Elliot’s The Steve Jobs Way into either of those categories, just as it is almost impossible to put Steve himself into a standard business management classification. Lots of people have tried and continue to try because we’ve met academics, scholars, researchers who have spent a good part of their careers examining his companies and him with a telescope (getting up close and personal to do this is almost impossible). Sure, Guy Kawasaki did a pretty good job during his few years with Apple; but


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Insecurity: Why People Make Security Explotation Too Easy


Why people make security explotation too easy? "When two hunters go after the same prey, they usually end up shooting each other in the back. And we don’t want to shoot each other in the back." – Col. Douglas Mortimer, "For a Few Dollars More (Per Qualche Dollaro I Piu)", Constantin Film (1965) NY Times writer, John Markoff, had just finished his book on the exploits/capture of hacker Kevin Mitnick about the same time we received a call from our boss at CERFnet (one of the first three ISPs in the U.S.) telling us we had to change our password because the fledgling West Coast



Women Are More Savvy than "The Rest" Want to Admit


We enjoy research, especially researching research. Take LinkedIn’s recent report that women are less savvy (well informed, perceptive, shrewd) than men. Their results only reinforced H.H. Munro’s comment in the early 1900’s when he noted, "A little inaccuracy sometimes saves a ton of explanation." "Oh, then why don’t you get yourself some friendly little therapist and try to  work out all that hostility." – Nick, Basic Instinct, Carolco Pictures (1992) The professional networking site produced the amazing findings because women weren’t hanging out as much there as they were at all of the other social media sites. They blunted some of the challenges to their "findings"



The Real World Value of the Virtual World


The new round of online fervor/fear is as interesting as the stuff we saw in the 1995-2000 dot-com bubble. After the first social media frenzy you’d think/hope people learned so things won’t go wrong this time around. If understanding is overpowered by greed, things won’t go wrong? they’ll go seriously awry. A friend recently gave us a flyover of the island he owns out in the middle of the ?????.Another?s son took us on a tour of his farm complete with cows, chickens, pigs, tractors and a horse out in the middle of ???? It was fast, simple, easy? they just went to Second Life,



Content Insider: People, Work, Play and Content Are All on the Move


People like to write, like to make history. Some like to read history.  Others will wait for the movie. "The Lord, the Lord Jehovah has given unto you these fifteen? Oy! Ten! Ten commandments for all to obey!" ? Moses, "History of the World Part 1,? Brooksfilms (1981) We got our new notebook computer for the wife about a year ago, about $1K. Got new ones for the kids for school earlier this year, about $800 each. Ours is old… two years old! Got a new smartphone a year ago for $200+ on a 2-year contract. Upgraded the kids "a little less" and a 2-year


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New Software Simplifies the Shift to Digital and Interactive Marketing


Undue focus on the downturn has masked an essential underlying shift in the market for signage. To draw on the Boston Consulting Group?s classic model, Digital Signage has moved from the Early Adopter phase to the Early Majority phase. The Early Adopters were driven by functionality rather than cost – but the Early Majority is much more sensitive to total cost of ownership. Affordable and at the same time powerful software solutions that make creating and distributing Digital Signage presentations a breeze are allowing the Early Majority to embrace Digital Signage and their networks more readily.  New Advocates of Digital SignageA year ago, the typical



Content Insider: Good Conversations Build Relationships


"It is a choice, Wesley, that each of us must face: to remain ordinary, pathetic, beat-down, coasting through a miserable existence, like sheep herded by fate – or you can take control of your own destiny and join us, releasing the caged wolf you have inside."  – Sloan, Wanted, Universal Studios (2008) Soon we will all be able to spend our time blindly, mindlessly, fearlessly on the Web. Government officials who can’t balance their own budget have taken up a more difficult, more popular (and visible) challenge – protecting your online persona.These people know that you want 1st class services from your government and lower


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Content Insider: Hot Selling Devices Spell Great Insecurity Opportunities


"No matter how incompetent the assassins, no matter how much they miss their target, there’s always one person who always gets hit." – Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner), "The Bodyguard," Warner Bros (1992) The growing list of mobile device options is exhilarating. You can be in touch with anyone, anywhere all the time.  And anyone, anywhere can be in touch with you. It doesn?t matter if you?re at home, in the office, in class, at a party, thinking about a party, talking about a party… Doing, thinking anything you tap, post it and voila – you?re sharing with the virtual world. Wait a minute, what if



Content Insider: Creative Production is in the Cloud


This year?s NAB in Las Vegas, NV gave us two "Ah Ha" moments. First, there are no real centralizing movie, TV show production enclaves anymore. The industry may make its money on good ideas creatively executed, but the industry?s spirits rest in huge – and we mean huge – storage libraries spread around the country, around the globe. But before we discuss what was new, better, ready for use tomorrow, we need to do a little clean-up from the first two days. The Other – Tools Previews – Like showing the previews of an upcoming movie, Apple showed off the very best features of the


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Analysis: Why Privacy on the Web is Dead


What can be better than equal net access for all and a network Privacy Police force patrolling and monitoring the pipes to protect you? Sure equal network access isn’t in your country’s constitution. But it should be! And just because you’re not sure how to act or what to do on the web, that’s not your fault – it’s the government’s! Equal access should be available to anyone who wants it, but that doesn’t mean everyone deserves a pipe big enough for them to watch live television, download huge clips or stream video on demand to their device. Some cultures remember government police actions and



Tablets Everywhere: Third Screen in Many Facets of Life


Life and love are fickle things. It seems like only yesterday that the netbook was going to give us the good life. Wait a minute – it was! The folks at 1 Infinity Loop, California have changed all of that – again. True, Steve Jobs didn’t bring his black shirt nor did he make a personal appearance at the CES show last week, but Apple’s presence was evident as the entire industry joined the tablet craze. First, Apple allowed Verizon to preempt the marketplace by announcing they would have the iPhone next month. The carrier strutted around the floor saying their infrastructure was ready to



Bright Side of 2011: Take Two


NOTE: This is the second piece of our two-part analysis of technological trends in 2011. You may want to check out Part One that deals with ongoing economic uncertainty, but also analyzes the encouraging signs of recovery in 2011 across key industry segments, including mobile space, networked TVs, 3D technologies, and streaming entertainment, while explaining how carriers are taking us all for a ride with their so-called fourth-generation networks. As always, feel free to contribute to the piece with your thoughts in the comment section. The living room is your entertainment capitol Connected TVs and the associated peripherals will continue to move very well for the



Bright Side of 2011: Take One


NOTE: This is the first in our two-part analysis of technological trends in 2011. Check back with us on the New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2010, when the second piece goes live. What to expect in the year that’s just around the corner apart from more financial woes and job insecurity even though the government is pouring billions into the depressed economy?  Although your guess is as good as ours and you’re welcome to chime in with your thoughts in the comment section, we took the plunge and broke down 2011 across several meaningful segments that are bound to impact our lives. Let’s start by