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Review: KeyShot 3D Renderer


Renderers have a special place in the world of 3D applications, as they are responsible for the final image that is seen on the screen. Whether in game development, industrial design, or entertainment, renderers give you all of 3D modelers’ and animators’ vision. For those unfamiliar with 3D content creation, the procedure is as follows: 1. Create a 3D model using a 3D modelling application (Maya, 3DS Max, Rhino, etc.) 2. Apply all materials on models, textures, lights 3. Render it to get the final image. Anyone who has ever tried 3D rendering knows that it is a long process, and having serious computing power


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Tech Around the World: 1/3/2013


Ubuntu phone OS announcedAs already teased and promised, today Canonical is taking the wraps off the mobile version of Ubuntu, which is built around the existing Android kernel and drivers. Judge Says No One Is Confusing Apple?s App Store and Amazon?s AppstoreApple suffered a major setback Wednesday in its fight with Amazon over the use of the term ?app store? when a federal judge in Oakland rejected Apple?s claim that the Amazon Appstore for Android was committing false advertising. AMD to Officially Roll-Out ?Kabini? and ?Temash? Low-Power APUs This QuarterAMD?s Kabini and Temash APUs will feature up to four x86 cores based on Jaguar micro-architecture,


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Tech Around the World: Friday Edition


YouTube Kills Billions of Video Views Faked By Music IndustryThe video service deleted more than 2 billion fake video views in the channels of Universal, Sony, and RCA, according to Daily Dot. AMD?s Power-Efficient Eight-Core Desktop Chip Due This Week.AMD to Launch FX-8300 Processor Before Year?s End Shadows of Lytro Camera – Take first, focus laterToshiba’s new mobile camera tech allows focus after the fact. Samsung wants to ban sales of Ericsson products in U.S.Samsung retaliates with an official request of sales and import ban with the International Trade Commission (ITC), continuing the ongoing Ericsson-Samsung legal battle. Foxconn Getting Its Act Together on Employee Working


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Tech Around the World: 12/27/2012


New Zealand’s largest paper calls Kim Dotcom "good for this country"Dotcom comes with drama, but he helped expose political scandal in the country. Microsoft Surface Trampled at the bottom of the tablet pile this ChristmasWhile it does have drawbacks just like anything else, Microsoft?s (MSFT) Surface is a great slate for those looking for a fresh new take on the modern tablet. Unfortunately, it doesn?t look like very many people were looking for a fresh new take on the modern tablet this holiday season. Hollywood Studios Caught Pirating Movies on BitTorrentBitTorrent is used by millions of people every day, including people who work at major


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Tech Around the World: 12/14/2012


Asustek Teams Up with Via Technologies for Ultra Low-Cost Media TabletsAsustek Computer has already successfully designed a $199 media tablet together with Google and Nvidia Corp. However, in a bid to sell more tablets in 2013, the company needs even lower price-points. Hawken Open Beta Goes LiveHawken, an upcoming mech-based, first-person Massively Multiplayer Online game that puts you in the pilots seat of a huge robot, can now be played in the open beta. Google Maps Races into No.1 Free iPhone App Spot in 7 Hrs.Google Maps is driving donuts around other free iPhone apps, skyrocketing to become the No. 1 most downloaded app. It


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Tech News Around The World: 12/11/2012 Long Edition


Pirate Bay Founder Released From Solitary ConfinementAfter three months in solitary confinement Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm will be released from custody. New 5" HTC Will be First with Nvidia Tegra 4The new HTC 5-incher is set to hopefully bring them back into the game with smartphones. They have had it rough over the last year or so and revenues have declined pretty severely. Are you ready for under-four hour air travel to anywhere in the world?Reaction Engines has created a new type of jet engine that ?breathes? air, something that allows the aircraft to move at speeds that Reaction claims are five times the


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Review: WriteMonkey


In the world of word processors such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer as well as their smaller alternatives like Wordpad or even Notepad, programmers tend to implement features that are never used.Despite what the constant releases of newer, bigger, and glitzier commercial office suites might have you believe, users are still doing the same thing they have been doing in word processors since the nineties. Admittedly, progress and new features are a necessity, but when you want to sit down and just write something, distraction-free simplicity is king. WriteMonkey does an excellent job of providing such a writing ecosystem. The program provides a sleek,


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Tech Around the World: 480GB mSATA, Macs to Be Built in the USA and More!


Tim Cook Announces Plans to Manufacture Mac Computers in USAApple CEO Tim Cook revealed that one of the existing Mac lines will be manufactured exclusively in the United States next year. Google+ Now Has More Than 500 Million MembersGoogle’s social network Google+ has passed 500 million members, the company revealed in a blog post Thursday. Of these users, 135 million are said to be actively visiting the social network each month. Intel Readies ?Ivy Bridge? Processors with 7W – 13W Power ConsumptionIntel to Launch Core i and Pentium ?Ivy Bridge? Processors with Extremely Low Power Consumption Mushkin Shipping ‘World’s First’ 480GB mSATA SSD in January


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Tech Around the World: UN Faces Backlash over Internet


House approves resolution to keep Internet control out of UN handsThe House on Wednesday unanimously passed a Senate resolution introduced by Sens. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) that calls on the U.S. government to oppose United Nations control of the Internet. Dotcom can pursue case against policeDetails of the top secret international spy agency ring known as Echelon will have to be produced after a new judgment in the Kim Dotcom case. Intel supporting socketed CPUs for "foreseeable future"Intel finally broke silence this morning telling Maximum PC that it would be offering socketed CPUs for the "foreseeable future." Nokia Unleashes Third Windows Phone


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Tech Around the World: Monday Edition December 3rd


Taiwan engineers defeat limits of flash memoryTaiwan-based Macronix has found a solution for a weakness in flash memory fadeout. Upgrading RAM on new iMac practically impossibleThe electronics website iFixit on Friday downgraded the new 21.5-in. iMac’s repair score to 3 out of a possible 10, calling servicing the computer "an exercise in disappointment." Android Growth Decreases iPad Market ShareDespite leading market share, Apple’s tablet loses 14 percent due to emergence of Android competitors. Twitter Mentions And Facebook Likes Have No Impact On SalesRetailers may have hit record sales over the shopping weekend from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, but the impact of social media campaigns many


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Tech Around the World: Friday Light Read Edition


Following a short break caused by nasty cold, Bozo The Newshunter is back with another set of news, adapted for your Friday light reading… Dell releases powerful, well-supported Linux Ultrabook"Project Sputnik" aims to be your fellow traveler by focusing on "DevOps." Microsoft Reveals Pricing for Intel-based, Full-HD Surface Pro: $899Today, I want to share a bit more detail about the growing Surface family of products and Surface with Windows 8 Pro, specifically around pricing. In January, Surface with Windows 8 Pro will be available in two versions and pricing will start at $899. 128GB Edition will come at $999. Detailed Specifications of Nintendo Wii U


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Tech Around the World: AMD, Nvidia, Facebook, Open Source and More


In today’s Edition, plenty of news to go around? AMD May Be Reconsidering High-Performance x86 CPU Cores RoadmapThe recent round of restructuring at Advanced Micro Devices hurt not only sales and marketing professionals, but also developers of new products. Samsung announces Galaxy Note II has moved 5 million units worldwideWe started off this month with word from Samsung that its 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II passed three million in sales, and now the company is announcing its moved two million more in less than a month. Reports suggest Apple will ditch Samsung batteryApple may be looking to change all that as they switch manufacturer for their


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Tech Around the World: Thursday, November 22nd


In Thanksgiving Edition of our Tech Around the World section, we take a look at Google’s attacks on UN internet conference, The Rise and Fall of AMD, Microsoft’s free Windows 8 Pro key mistakes and more… Google attacks UN’s internet treaty conferenceGoogle has warned that a forthcoming UN-organised conference threatens the "free and open internet". The Rise and Fall of AMDConsidering that it was once considered an equal to Intel, many wonder why AMD is failing today. However, it’s probably fairer to ask how the company has survived so for long. Kickstarter sued over 3D Systems’ printer patentCrowd-funding website Kickstarter is being sued for its


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Tech Around the World: Wednesday, November 21st


The latest in tech news around the web: Google asks for you to take actionPledge your support for the free and open Internet! Western Digital Introduces 4TB WD Black Hard Disk DriveWestern Digital, the world?s largest maker of hard disk drives, on Tuesday introduced its 4TB WD Black HDD which combines high performance with maximum capacity. Firefox 17.0 launches with integrated Facebook MessengerMozilla has released the latest Firefox update, version 17 by its count, which adds a new social API. Samsung’s $249 Chromebook lights up benchmarksA Googler managed to load up Samsung’s latest Chromebook with Ubuntu and spelled out the process for like-minded DIYers in


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Tech Around the World: Monday, November 19th


A list of hot news around the globe: Windows 8 failed its mission?It’s taken an semi-official Microsoft blogger to reveal the real truth about Windows 8: it is a dud with consumers failing to upgrade to the new OS. 1TB optical disc from Fujifilm in 2015Fujifilm is working on a new recording method for optical discs. It has developed the new method through the use of two-photon absorption in order to generate heat, and the report in TechOn! notes that this two-photon method is suited for multilayer discs. Apple patent frenzy goes onApple is now the proud owner of the page turn. Future with 3D


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Tech Around the World: Thursday, Nov 15


In today’s news: Wi-Fi – 700% faster!Engineers at NC State University (NCSU) have discovered a way of boosting the throughput of busy WiFi networks by up to 700%. Perhaps most importantly, the breakthrough is purely software-based. Samsung will not settle like HTC didSamsung?s head of mobile and IT, told Yonhap News that the company has no intention to negotiate with Apple to reach a settlement like HTC did recently. Microsoft will add some DirectX 11.1 features to Windows 7The company reveal that it quietly released a way for Windows 7 to get some of the features of DirectX 11.1 as part of Tuesday’s preview version


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Tech Around the World: Wednesday, Nov 14th


In our second edition of "Tech Around the World", we continue covering the latest news happening in and around tech. From Monday to Friday, we’ll strive to create good and coherent list of important events. Today, we bring you six breaking stories which will gather the most attention: Google Fiber now in KansasThe title says it all! After months of building a brand new Fiber infrastructure, we’re excited to announce that today we?re officially starting to connect homes in Kansas City to Google Fiber. FBI and CIA can and do read you emailsThe U.S. government — and likely your own government, for that matter —


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Tech Around the World: Tuesday, Nov 13th


Welcome to the first edition of "Tech Around the World", our new daily feature where we will cover the latest news happening in tech. From Monday to Friday, we’ll strive to create good and coherent list of important events. We start the section with first Top 10 stories of the day: Windows Head Steven Sinofsky is leaving Microsoft Kim Dotcom takes Mega to Samsung Galaxy S3 security fail – passwords in txt file DirectX 11.1 – only on Windows 8 Samsung "strikes" back at Apple by charging 20% more for their processors Gotta see this 360-degree Red Bull Formula 1 video New Top 500


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Microsoft Flight 2012 Takes Off


Microsoft Flight Simulator fans have been waiting and waiting for Microsoft to say anything about some kind of new Flight Simulator (FS). Most of the hardcore FS fans (is there any other type?) expected to see something grand, something great, something that would keep them busy for a few more years. And they got an announcement of a free-to-play flight sim. Wow. That was unexpected from Microsoft. As the announcement was made you could smell something rotten in the state of Denmark? A flight simulator from Microsoft for free? All of the sim community just hoped that Microsoft would not give them a half-product; something


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REVIEW: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 – Let There be Light!


Ever since Adobe released first version of Photoshop Lightroom in 2007, photographers around the world cheered as they finally got an application especially for their needs. Five years passed, and Lightroom came all the way up to recently released version 4. What does Adobe have in store for photographers in Lightroom 4 and is it worth the upgrade? Let’s check it out. But wait, what is Lightroom?Since not all of our readers are photographers and not all of them have used previous versions of Lightroom, some clarification is in order. To put it really simple (really, really simple), Lightroom is application for editing and managing photos, especially