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Walking the CES Floor in Search of Unique Gadgets


Over the course of CES 2014 we explored the different ballrooms in the Palazzo, Venetian hotels and the Sand Expo Center to see what products companies had brought to show the public. Here are some of the products we found very interesting and innovative from simply walking around the floor and checking out what caught our eyes. The first product we checked out we had actually first covered while they were a project on the crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter. The project called TREWgrip unfortunately did not achieve its funding goal on Kickstarter but despite that setback they were able to find funding and come to CES


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Quantenna Surprises on CES with the World's Fastest WiFi Technology


CES Unveiled event brought a lot of vendors together, but one of the most interesting ones was Quantenna Communications. 200-people strong company out of Silicon Valley came out with first products based on their QSR1000 chipset, enabling bandwidth of well over a gigabit per second. First product to use their chipset is ASUSTeK’s new flagship router ASUS RT-AC87U.  Quantenna’s 4×4 MU-MIMO technology tackles the signalling issues inside households. If you’re wondering what can 1.7Gbps of bandwidth enable, just think of requirements for multiple Full HD video streams inside a household (YouTube, for example), or even better – stream 4K, Ultra HD video wirelessly. Two press


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No Outlet? No Problem. – Expedition 3.0 and XL Batteries Reviewed


Today we are reviewing two new external batteries from the company No Outlet No Problem. This company has risen to prominence from a successful Kickstarter campaign which I must say was run very professionally with all of the backers being kept constantly informed. We previously reviewed the No Outlet No Problem?s Expedition 2.0 external battery which came as one of the rewards from their Kickstarter campaign and found that it had a lot of great features that no other battery had. The Expedition 2.0 was overall a great product with only a few flaws that came from it being one of the first products ever


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Kickstarter Weekly Five – September 27th


We are now in our seventh week of the Kickstarter Weekly and we?re nowhere near stopping, so as always, here are our five most interesting Kickstarter tech projects. The first project for this week?s edition of the Kickstarter Weekly Five is an interesting product that allow you to collect a three dimensional model using an attachment on your iPad. The device called the Structure Sensor attaches to your iPad with a plastic bracket that is screwed on the device and then plugs into your iPad with a lightning connector plug. To create the 3D pictures the Structure Sensor uses two infrared LED?s which can be


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Kickstarter Weekly 5 – September 16th


In our sixth week we have found 5 more projects that will hopefully wow and amaze you. The first project that we are looking at is geared towards helping online businesses display their products. The project called Zcapture has three different parts; the first one is the software which is photo editing software suite similar to Adobe Photoshop except that it was created so that businesses can produce a 360 degree photo of a product so that you can look at it online. The next part is the hardware which consists of rotating platform that is connected to your compatible SLR camera. The platform is


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Kickstarter Weekly 5 – August 27th


For our fifth installment of the Kickstarter Weekly 5 we have found five new projects that you will once again hopefully find interesting and useful. The first project for this week is a device that is supposed to improve the sound quality from your laptop or desktop computer. The device is called GEEK and plugs into the USB port on your device to improve the audio on your device. To improve the audio on your device the GEEK does several things, first it uses an improved digital audio converter, DAC for short. Next, it uses a powerful headphone amplifier that they say is 10 times


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Kickstarter Weekly 5 – August 14th


This is our fourth week doing the Kickstarter Weekly 5 projects and we’re not stopping. Hopefully you guys are enjoying these projects and us helping you find the ones that we find the most interesting. On our fourth week of looking at Kickstarter we have found five new technology projects to share with you.For the first project we are looking at a new mouse design. The gStick is a mouse that is designed to look and be used just like a pen. The reasoning for this design was that people have always complained about how uncomfortable using a regular computer mouse is because of the


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Review: No Outlet No Problem – Expedition


Ever since I was introduced to the website, which is a crowd sourcing website, I go through the new projects every week or so to see what catches my eye. A few months back a project call ?Ultra-high capacity battery for mobile devices,? caught my eye because ever since I have had a smartphone, battery life has always been a problem. This meant I had been looking for an external battery that would suit my needs and from the descriptions it seemed like I had found just what I needed in the Expedition from No Outlet No Problem. During their Kickstarter campaign No Outlet


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Kickstarter Weekly 5 – August 6th


In our third week we are taking a look at five new tech projects from the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter that have caught our eye. The first project for this week is a project that would like to change the way you look at your mouse and keyboard. The project named Talons first combines the mouse and keyboard into one device and then splits it in half. The left half contains half of the keyboard along with the mouse buttons and also programmable keys that can be adjusted on the fly or via a virtual graphical user interface or GUI. The right half of the


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The Kickstarter Weekly 5 – July 30th


This is the second week in which we are taking a look at five tech projects from the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter that have caught our eye. To start off this week?s projects we are looking at is an optical device called FluoroVu that you can attach to your smartphone or tablet with either a 30 pin or micro-USB connector in order to view and capture UV florescent images. This optical device uses a printed circuit board or PCB with six LEDs encased in two pieces of anodized aluminum sealed with an epoxy. In order to make the most of the attachment an application has been


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The Kickstarter Weekly 5 – July 23rd


Kickstarter Weekly 5This week we are taking a look at five tech projects from the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter that have caught our eye. The first project we are looking at is trying to bring a little part Star Wars into your everyday life. The company Provision 3D Media has created a Holographic Display that allows you to project holograms from 3 inches to 52 inches tall anywhere you want without using any special glasses or screen. This brings us to what they are aiming to do now with the Kickstarter Campaign which is to create a life size hologram. Provision is creating an improved


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Review: Patriot Supersonic Boost XT 32 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive


USB flash drives have been around since the year 2000 and caused the demise of the floppy disk due to their lower cost and faster transfer rates. The latest standard for flash drives is USB 3.0. The Patriot Supersonic Boost XT flash drive is part of the new next generation of the USB 3.0 flash drives that are significantly faster than their USB 2.0 counterparts. It is available in four different storage capacities: 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. We will be using the 32 GB drive for our review. The USB drive comes in a simple and easy to open package.


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Tech Around the World: Friday, November 23th


While Black Friday shopping madness is taking place in the North America, there’s plenty of interesting tech news around. Dreamworks open-sources its internal visual effects softwareAfter spending years developing specialized software used to make one of its most expensive movies ever, is giving it away free to competitors. European Parliament Passes Resolution Against ITU Asserting Control Over InternetToday, the European Parliament passed a resolution that condemns the upcoming attempt from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to assert control over the Internet, and instructed its 27 Member States to act accordingly. This follows an attempt from the ITU to assert itself as the governing body and


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Review: be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler


Aftermarket coolers have been gaining more and more popularity even with mainstream computer users. This is mainly due to the poor performance of OEM coolers that do not provide adequate cooling to increasingly more advanced CPUs. As a result of that growth the number of options for CPU coolers has increased. Two such options are the Noctua NH-D14 and the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2. Until recently, the Dark Rock Pro 2 had been only sold in Europe but it is now making its way to the US market. Although it has made a great name for itself in Europe, it faces stiff competition