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Delivering Kickstarter – There?s No Such Thing as Free Innovation


What?s the difference between Kickstarter and Amazon? A tradeoff between innovation and delivery risk. This tradeoff has scared off the tech press that has forgotten to cover risky innovation as well as delivered products. It has created a culture of trolls who forget that big companies often fail to deliver or make mistakes that go undetected until consumers find them. And it has created a culture of innovation junkies. There?s no such thing as free innovation and those willing to pay the price, back projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Kickstarter and crowdsourcing (including crowdfunding) broadly have become the most important point of aggregation for new


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Four Wearable Kickstarters Announce Janary 28th Launch From CES 2014


Wearable computing is hitting Kickstarter in a wave starting in early 2014 with four Kickstarters launching January 28th. The advent of low power, multi-device architectures is taking these Kickstarters beyond the major players and preparing us for a future of multiple, simultaneous sensors that are smart peripherals to the mobile phone. Notch has hit CES 2014 like a storm, and was named to The Gaurdian?s list of top wearables. Quebee is on the national news tonight as the first multi-camera and smartphone system. These kickstarters are raising the bar for wearables by offering multiple points of data collection for motion and video. Notch, in-hand Also


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2014 Wearable Computing Gift Guide


There is little to dispute that 2014 will be the year of wearable computing. Smartphones are now fast enough to receive and process real time feeds of sensor data. Sensors are now low power enough to be easily worn or transported. And devices are small enough thanks to extremely small microcontrollers and high density on flash memory. There has been a lot of attention to Google glass, but the ecosystem of sensors has been neglected and it is extremely difficult to find information on which sensor will reach consumers first. Look no further, I have been reaching out to the most promising wearable computing projects


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Tagaboom – Annotated Reality Begets Augmented Reality?


Having worked and written for BSN* over the past several years on virtual and augmented reality I am glad to return to explore the possibilities of my own work, a mobile app called Tagaboom that my friends and I just released for iOS and web, coming soon to Windows and Android. Tagaboom is an engine to annotate all media with all media, which we have implemented as a photo sharing application. Tagaboom is among the earliest mobile applications that help users broadly annotate shared images with rich media. The potential for such applications is tremendous, and they are precursors for annotation of real space in


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Augmented Reality, Fast Cameras and Pretty Girls at MWC 2013


Are We Closer to Living Life In Layers?At Mobile World Congress we will have another peek at the future but not everyone is seeing it with an augmented reality overlay. I have had a sneak peek at some of what lies ahead and I have a world view on augmented reality which permutes everything I see. Welcome to my layer of reality. I was able to sit down with DigitalOptics who are introducing their MEMS autofocus lens technology today and discussing a host of visual processing software and visual processor technologies aimed at improving real time experiences. The mems|cam is a silicon actuated camera module



HTC One X is The Eero Saarinen Phone


I like the HTC One X. So does the girl next to me, and just about every girl I talk to. So you can stop reading now if your only question is whether chicks dig it. They do. And if you are a girl, yes, the phone is a nerd magnet. Meet the new member of Cirque de Soleil… HTC One X is very easy to balance The One X is bigger, faster, sleeker, and more powerful than any other Android phone. Thanks to the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, the new and decisive performance leader for dual-core phones, the One X has unbeatable


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FUTURE: Heaven is Windows on Tablets That do Everything Your PC Tells it To


Creating another tablet operating system with Windows 8 is not going to change the world. We have two of those already and they are advancing in capability and installed base at a torrid pace. Nintendo has already come to this realization, and is about to create a powerful paradigm that cannot be ignored. While users will rejoice in being able to use PC peripherals with their Windows 8 tablet and the joys of printing, scanning, wired networking, keyboards & mice, cool game controllers, the list goes on, this isn’t going to change the world – people who want these things can do them nicely on