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Thinklogical Delivers Mil-Spec Networking to Entertainment Biz


NAB 2013: Thinklogical introduces their ultra-fast, ultra-secure fiber router and extender solutions to production companies needing uncompromising content management and delivery. As digital video resolution, data rates, and file sizes skyrocket within the entertainment industry, the need for lossless content management becomes more demanding. More production companies require transportation of their high definition content quickly and securely, without worrying about loss in quality. Thinklogical, a relatively new design and manufacturer firm of fiber-based solutions, specializes in creating infrastructure that can deliver uncompressed video, audio and KVM signals at the speed of light, without frame loss. And because the data is sent securely through fiber, sensitive


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NAB 2013: K-Tek Innovates & Thinks Ahead with Nautilus


At NAB 2013, K-Tek unveiled their new Nautilus mic suspension system and Zeppelin prototype that will solve key issues for the field sound engineer. For over 15 years, K-Tek has been a trusted manufacturer of boom poles, suspension systems, and other audio support accessories in the media industry. Their products are still put to use today on many popular entertainment and news productions all over the world. Unwanted noise is often caused by environmental situations or mishandling equipment, that is then detected by the microphone.  To prevent this, products like these help reduce handling noise and/or wind, without affecting the pickup of your subject.  The


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NAB 2013: Sennheiser Shows Off MKE 600 Shotgun Mic


At NAB 2013, Sennheiser showed us their MKE 600 Shotgun mic, designed for entry-level videographers and sound technicians alike.  Coming from the roots of the popular ME66 mic / K6 module series, the MKE 600 combines the best of both to deliver natural sound for photojournalists that need an easy solution.  Unlike K6 module mics, which have interchangeable heads, the MKE 600 is a one-piece build with a permanent microphone element and similar battery compartment door.  It has a supercardioid/lobar pickup pattern like most shotgun microphones of its class, and a switchable low-cut filter to help remove excess wind or handling noise. This mic is


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Fusion-io Fills in the Gap with New 1.6TB ioFX Card


5 GHz 16-core CPU? Check. NVIDIA workstation GPU with 5000 cores? Check. And tons of RAM to coordinate it all. But can your SSD storage keep up with this powerhouse? Fusion-io knows it can with their ioFX storage acceleration cards. The ioFX is a PCI-E NAND flash memory expansion device that balances out the graphics processing workstation, making sure that each of the system’s cores is fed quick enough resources without any bottlenecking. This new model has a whopping 1.6 TB capacity, four times bigger than their 420 GB model introduced last year, complemented by a 1.4 GBps read and 1.1 GBps write speeds. NVIDIA?s


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NAB 2013: NVIDIA Brings GRID to Hollywood


We’ve seen the GRID at many events since CES 2013, and how it will change the gaming industry. Now NVIDIA wants to tailor this architecture towards another industry: film post-production. The NVIDIA GRID was designed for putting GPU’s into the cloud, handling loads of computing tasks off of these TESLA-fueled datacenters.  NVIDIA saw that this platform could gear resources towards graphics generation tasks, which led to the birth of the VCA (Visual Computing Appliance) platform.  The GRID VCA contains dual CPU’s, RAM, and storage units like any other server, but can also hold up to 16 GRID K2 boards (K5000 class GPU’s) all inside one


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Review: Kingston HyperX 10 Year Anniversary Edition RAM


In 2002, Kingston Technology introduced their first HyperX series products. Ten years and many models later, they are still going strong.  Kingston has been in the industry for 25 years, and the HyperX series launched them into the mainstream. Since then, they have been a solid choice for enthusiasts, gamers, and builders alike, and have since expanded their product lines further, to SSD and USB drives. Today, Kingston arguably has the largest flash memory manufacturer presence worldwide. To celebrate their success, they recently introduced their HyperX 10th Anniversary Special Edition DDR3 kits earlier this year. These RAM kits range in capacities from 4 to 32


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What Instagram is Doing Wrong


With over 90 million monthly users and 40 million new uploads per day, Instagram has become the most popular photo sharing app in the world – but do we really care for all of them? Ever since Instagram decided to invite the Android crowd into their world-famous app, their popularity exploded. Thousands of ?likes? and comments per second, with integration and sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, and other popular API?s were just the start. With it?s accessibility and versatility, Instagram brought a simple way to change ordinary pictures to visually stunning entertainment to mobile users worldwide. Then you have the ?Explore? section of the app.


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Does Thermaltake "Dazzle" Us with Water 2.0 Pro?


With Spring and Summer approaching, we need a simple solution that could efficiently and quietly cool our low-footprint multimedia rig. Does Thermaltake?s Water2.0 Pro do the job? Continuing our mission to build a near-silent multimedia system, we need a cooling platform that could perform with this in mind. The guys at Thermaltake thought the PRO model of their Water2.0 series (CLW0216) was a good match. This all-in-one water cooling solution, with its low-profile pump, copper waterblock, and pre-filled coolant, could lower temperatures quietly with PWM control. The Water2.0 Pro is compatible with the latest CPU sockets, including Intel?s LGA2011, 1366, and 1155/1156, as well as


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Fractal Design's Define R4 is a Stealthy Sleeper


Don?t let its no-frills, minimalist design fool you – Fractal Design?s Define R4 chassis is a serious solution for the multimedia pro looking to build a quiet, solid PC. Here?s what we thought: We wanted to build a multimedia creation system that not only could handle the latest processing demands, but could also leave the least power and noise footprint in the room. With so many ?extreme? systems in our testing lab whirring away, it was time to build something that could stealthily and humbly chug along. Fractal Design believes that their Define R4 is a great candidate for our needs: It?s a ?silent? chassis,


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Light Iron Acquires OFFHOLLYWOOD, Expands to NYC


Hollywood-based post production company, Light Iron, announced their acquisition of OFFHOLLYWOOD?s facilities in New York City. But what could this mean for future productions in the Big Apple? Light Iron already leads the industry in being a post facility dedicated exclusively towards file-based digital workflows. And while other companies in Hollywood are looking for ways to downsize or redistribute their resources, Light Iron saw an opportunity to expand further by developing an East Coast presence. ?OFFHOLLYWOOD is known in New York in the same way that Light Iron is known in Los Angeles,? says Michael Cioni, CEO of Light Iron, ?Its founders Mark Pederson and


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TYLT's PowerPlant Packs a Punch


TYLT hooked up the guys at BSN* with battery packs and other tools to keep our mobile devices alive throughout CES 2013 – Here?s what we thought: One of the highlights of being at CES is that you get to socialize with industry leaders, in a city that parties all night long. But being in Las Vegas has its downsides too, in its arguably busiest week of the year. Within a 3-mile radius you have roughly 3 million nerds heavily-wired with at least 2 mobile devices, all desperately fighting for a stable mobile/data signal to update their web. And this is all on top of


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Sennheiser Enters Lifestyle Listening with Momentum


At CES 2013, Sennheiser introduced the Momentum ? their entry into the lifestyle headphone market, combining brilliant sound with a tasteful, comfortable design. With a lightweight, stainless steel frame wrapped in luxurious leather from Ethiopia and tannery from London, the Mometum at first glance is as striking as the audio it drives. The soft leather ear cups and headband sit very comfortably, while keeping a firm grip that can withstand everyday usage of listeners on-the-go. The headphone cable is outfitted with an in-line media control and microphone, that can transport music, change volume, answer calls, and activate voice control. Like most manufacturers, these controls are


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Technicolor Seamlessly Connects Your Entire Home with Qeo


Earlier today, Technicolor introduced BSN to a private demo of their new Qeo software framework, allowing seamless communication across devices of all brands and platforms. Imagine being able to bridge all of your gadgets and appliances in your home, no matter the manufacturer, operating system, or interface. With the Qeo ecosystem, families can do just that, while creating a custom experience within their home, across all devices. While being able to shoot your media from mobile devices to the television is no secret, Qeo can also manage your alarms, home surveillance, power automation, facial recognitions, and much more. Check out some video highlights of the


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Technicolor Brings Coloring to the Masses


Technicolor is showcasing their new CineStyle Color Assist software at CES 2013, bringing easy color correction solutions to both novice or prosumser videographer. Color correction, a visual skillset once reserved for the professional film industry, has been becoming more available to creators over the last five years, as media creation suites become more accessible to prosumers and videographers of all levels. By applying different color grading and other aesthetic choices to your visual project, you can help achieve different moods within your content, and drive your story forward. Introduced in late 2012, and showcased at this year?s CES, CineStyle Color Assist will bring easy, non-destructive


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Sharp Partners with Corning for New IGZO Displays


Earlier today at CES 2013, Sharp announced their new IGZO-based displays, promising to revolutionize the LCD display industry. IGZO ? short for Indium, Gallium, Zinc, and Oxygen, is a new type of semiconductor touted to miniaturize componentry as well as doubling the operating resolution of a device, in comparison to conventional LCD displays. This is also part of a continuing relationship with Corning glass, with their latest ?Lotus? series of glass substrate. With IGZO technology built into Corning’s Lotus Glass, Sharp is able to achieve displays that can withstand rigorous high-temperature processing while delivering pristine surface quality and superior thickness control. Sharp?s line of Aquos


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CES 2013: Tegra 4 Will Revolutionize Mobile Photography


At NVIDIA?s CES 2013 press conference, Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, agreed that the ?best camera you can have is the one that?s readily available.? It?s no secret that photography on smartphones and mobile devices has become more advanced and popular over the past three years. Tegra 4 will usher in a platform so powerful that capturing and processing your images will become practically instantaneous. One of the most popular processing techniques in mobile photography is using HDR, or high-dynamic range. This is currently a native feature on many of the latest smartphones and captures two images of different exposures, then its CPU superimposes them, calculating


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CES 2013: Vegas Baby!


After setting up yards of extension cable, an array of systems and mobile devices, and figuring out how to connect to the outside world (Wi-Fi isn?t free), the guys at BSN* are now reporting live from Las Vegas for CES 2013! Here?s a sneak preview of what to expect over the next week: New CPU announcements from Intel AMD likely to unveil Sea Islands GPUs and future company strategies NVIDIA likely to showcase Tegra 4 mobile SoC and possible new GPUs Corning will announce Gorilla Glass 3 for smartphones and tablets MakerBot Industries and the industrial revolution of 3D Printing will unveil new 3D printers


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HTC Goes Full Frontal with Their 8X


HTC hosted their exciting ?Full Frontal Moustache Bash? event last night at The London Hotel in Hollywood, California, showcasing their new HTC 8X phone running Windows Phone 8. Their ?Full Frontal? theme for the night was a play on words, advertising both the 8X?s ultra-wide front facing camera and sporting moustaches for the Movember Foundation, a charity that raises awareness for prostate cancer every November. Great ?staches, great music and fun… but how?s the phone? We met with J.B. McRee, Product Manager at HTC, to give us a quick overview of what?s new on the 8X: Here are some key specs for this sleek device:


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iZotope Releases All-New Bundle, IRIS+5


iZotope, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts, a leading innovator in digital audio signal processing, has released the Iris+5 bundle comprised of Iris, iZotope?s ground-breaking visual instrument, and five complementary Sound Libraries?including the newest addition, Voice. Iris is now bigger than ever before, and a must-have tool for sound designers and composers looking to evoke emotion through sonic experimentation. Iris inspires creative audio possibilities all through a powerful suite of spectral selection tools, flexible sample layering and manipulation, and a variety of effects and synth controls. Designers can find music in anything and everything by loading up their own samples or field recordings – and can even


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Sound Devices 664 vs Zaxcom Nomad Lite


Sound Devices and Zaxcom are battling it out again, rocking the production sound world with their new all-in-one recording solutions – but who will come out on top? Sound Devices? 664 Field Production Mixer Sound Devices unveiled their new 664 Field Production Mixer at IBC 2012 (International Broadcasting Convention) in Amsterdam last month, along with updates to their PIX Production Video Recorder line. The 664, projected to start shipping to many anxious sound engineers in late October, is both a 6-channel high-bandwidth mixer and a 10-track production recorder, capable of recording all inputs and output buses. There is even a built-in Ambient Lockit-based timecode generator/reader