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VR Porn Still Shows Gender Discrimination

Recently, an adult entertainment studio asked me to comment on their Virtual Reality experiences from a female point of view. I thought to myself: Hell Yeah!  And girl was I wrong. It was everything but interesting and fun – and I was really in the mood sipping a glass of wine, comfortably seated in my chair, just waiting the whole thing to explode. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Let’s start from the very beginning. I tried Google Cardboard when a year ago and was pretty surprised how good it seemed to be. Back then I haven’t tried it on VR porn but more ‘innocent’ stuff as roller


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Computex Expanding into Cars and Fashion with Ford and Thermaltake

My first day at Computex Taipei 2014 went much better than I thought. No, really. It turned out that when you’re a (blonde) girl wearing a Google Glass on an event such as Computex, your ego just rises up to the sky. You know that feeling when everyone kindly smiles at you, nodding their heads and you feel like a freaking genius nodding them back. Yup, you feel like one of the crowd. To be honest, I hardly manage the difference between this and that graphic card or different motherboards. However, a 4K screen from the ‘ordinary’ one is easy to catch up. But it’s


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Computex from a Woman’s Perspective, Part I

When I found out that I’m actually going to Computex Taipei 2014, my first thought was – well, nothing. The fact is that through all of my journalist years I’ve heard news bits about an IT conference that is held in Taiwan every year for the last 33 years. Somehow, I couldn’t imagine myself being actually there on that very spot. I’m aware that as for all of you BSN readers, I don’t have to explain what it’s all about. Somehow though, I still like to think that I’m not the only one who’s been IT ignorant so maybe this typically chick-lit text will find


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Analyst firm downgrades NVDA stock

nVidia will soon announce its financial results for first quarter of 2009 [1Q’09] and Wall Street expects that the company will report higher results than nVidia’s original pre-announcement. Analyst firm Wedbush Morgan Securities went as far as stating that the company will be "significantly ahead of the Street". But, this is where the good news ends. Risks for 2Q involve nVidia’s trailing position in its switch to 40nm – analysts expect that the "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" approach on the GT300 architecture backfired on the volume 40nm parts, that are nothing else but yet another die-shrink of two year old G92 architecture. GT212,



WinDays 9: Forbes Forum weighs in on economical crisis and recovery

THe WinDays conference is usually one of those best-kept secrets in the business. Every year at the end of April, a small Mediterranean town of Opatija gets over-run by couple of thousand of tech professionals who usually enjoy good weather – not this time around, unfortunately. The Forbes Forum was particularly interesting this year, with the chairmen of Croatian Telecom, EuropaPressHolding, SenseConsulting, Microsoft Croatia and e-Croatia division of Croatian government.   Our American readers may need to take a good food for thought in the following statement by head of Croatian Telecom, Mr. Ivica Mudrinic: "At the start, I need to say that Croatian Telecom