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Mushkin Shows Off Fastest USB Drive and New PCIe SSD

As we continue with more flash-based news from the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, we have some interesting news from Mushkin. Mushkin has moved themselves into being a bigger player in the solid state storage space, and today appears to further propel the company forward into that direction. Today they announced the Ventura Ultra USB 3.0 drive and final production units of the Scorpion Deluxe SSD. Mushkin claims that their Scorpion Deluxe PCIe SSD is capable of maximum speeds of up to 2165 MB/s read and 1990 MB/s write (most likely sequential). Mushkin claims that their Scorpion Delux drive is capable of 100,000 4K


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Interview: Gary Vaynerchuk on Online Brands and Tech

As a part of our SXSW coverage, we managed to reserve some time and interview one of most popular YouTubers, Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk. VRW: Hi Gary, before we start the interview, where are you from and what company/companies do you own/represent? Gary Vaynerchuk: I am the owner of Wine Library and started Vaynermedia with my brother. I am also invested in a few companies, but do not own them or have a controlling stake. VRW: Since you’re so heavily involved in social media and brand awareness what would you say are the most important things a new online business should consider when starting up? GV: The big


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Razer Blade Performance Revealed: Why is Razer Blocking Honest Reviews?

Recently, we have been seeing a spat of ‘reviews’ of Razer’s Blade Laptop. Considering that we actually had a chance to play with the Blade at both NVIDIA’s GeForceLAN and this year’s CES 2012, we are confident we have an idea of what the laptop looks and feels like. Our real concern is that we have heard rumors that Razer is fearful or at least hesitant to sample the Razer Blade to ?real? tech media. When we say ?real tech media?, we are referring to sites like our own; sites that do in-depth product reviews and whose opinions primarily rely upon the overall performance and