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Gigaom Shuts Down After Capital Runs Dry

Post by Om Malik says that creditors have pulled the plug on Gigaom.


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Bethesda Might Announce Fallout 4 At E3 2015

Hype. Hype never changes.


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AMD’s Real China Play is Strategic Investment

Earlier rumors pointed to an outright takeover of AMD by China’s BLX. While there is a China element to AMD’s future, it’s in something more subtle than an outright takeover.


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Google and NASA Explore the Northern Lights

Google Maps has taken its Street View to the skies. Google’s cameras went to Lake Pitkäjärvi in Finland where the Aurora Borealis shines. These Northern Lights will be explored also by unmanned space probes sent by NASA to study their effect on satellite communications. The display occurs when highly charged electrons from the solar wind interact with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the earth’s upper atmosphere. The average individual rarely has a chance to glimpse this awesome display unless they are dressed for mighty cold temperatures. The conditions that make the glow visible only occur at certain latitudes and times of the year. The lake


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Kickstarter Mota Project is Aimed at GoPro as Stock Slips

Mota, a successful company founded 15 years ago, is hawking a Kickstarter project aimed at GoPro owners. GoPro’s stock price isn’t affecting Mota’s enthusiasm for developing an accessory for the adventuresome camera wearer. The already established company wants you to help it develop a wireless battery charger for the GroPro Hero cameras. The new product would allow you to recharge your camera without removing it from its housing. You probably are already familiar with Mota founded by Michael and Kevin Faro. The company makes imaginative products for mass marketing in wearables, portable power, and playful flying objects, such as drones and helicopters. Don’t forget its


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Marvell Announces Two Low-Cost Global LTE SoCs

Marvell has today announced its newest applications processors with integrated LTE modems squarely aimed at the low-cost smartphone market with 4G LTE


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Nvidia Responds to Samsung's Lawsuit

Nvidia GPU Logo

Nvidia has responded to Samsung’s lawsuit, which is really a response to Nvidia’s lawsuit where they claim that Qualcomm and Samsung infringe upon patents.


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USPS Hacked, 800,000 Employees' Info Accessed

USPS 980

The USPS has stated that around 800,000 employees of the USPS have had their personal information, including social security numbers compromised by hackers


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Hacker Claims to Have Access to 7 Million Dropbox Accounts


A hacker claims to have access to the usernames and passwords of nearly 7 million Dropbox users and will post them all if he or she is paid in Bitcoin.


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Intel Responds to Pulling of Gamasutra Ads

Intel has just released a statement that addresses their recent pulling of ads from a game industry website, Gamasutra, being accused of misogyny and sexism


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AMD to Enter Another Round of Restructuring This Month

AMD Restructuring

AMD is once again continuing on the company’s path of restructuring with another major reorganization of the company coming later this month.


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Honda Connect Now Powered by Nvidia Tegra

Honda Connect Nvidia Tegra

Honda Connect is Honda’s newest infotainment system powered by Android 4.0.4 and Nvidia’s own Tegra SoC which will enable powerful user experiences.


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Nvidia Confirms HTC Nexus 9

Google Material Nexus 9

While combing through Nvidia’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) legal documents posted on the company’s website, Bright Side of News*’ sources pointed to a very interesting sentence that many may have overlooked or simply never seen. The legal document in question is  Nvidia’s own claim with the ITC claiming that Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) and Samsung (KRX:005935) are infringing upon its GPU technology patents. The document in question, which obviously had to go through Nvidia legal before becoming public is essentially a corporate confirmation of the previous Nexus 9 and HTC (TPE: 2498) rumors. Nvidia’s document specifically states, “the HTC Nexus 9, expected in the third quarter of 2014, is also expected to use the


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Apple Announces iPhone 6 For September 19 Launch

For coverage the “unofficial” review of the Apple iPhone via a leaked edition from Russia, see this previous story from Bright Side of News. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)  today announced two new models in their flagship smartphone lineup: the iPhone 6 and and its premium version the iPhone 6 Plus, during a livestream event from Cupertino. The iPhone 6 models will release on September 19 across nine countries in North America, Asia and Europe. Pre-orders for both models will start on September 15. The iPhone 6 will cost $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for 64GB and finally $399 for the 128GB flavor. All prices include a two-year


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Nvidia Sues Samsung and Qualcomm For Alleged Patent Infringement

Nvidia GPU Logo

In a blog, Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) stated that it has filed patent infringement complaints with the US District Court in Delaware (where most US companies are incorporated) as well as with the International Trade Comission regarding Samsung (KRX:005935) and Qualcomm’s (NASDAQ:QCOM) infringement of its patents (You can view the complaints here (ITC) and here (Delaware)) . Nvidia is alleging that Samsung’s devices that use Qualcomm’s chips are infringing upon Nvidia’s own technologies that have been patented. Not just that, but by filing a complaint with the ITC, Nvidia is seeking that such devices that infringe upon these patents be banned from importation and sale within the United States. The devices that Nvidia claims infringe upon their


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Great Deal on a Backup Battery Charger

Gorilla Gadgets Charger

We caught wind of a pretty sweet backup battery deal on, a daily deal website now owned by Amazon. This is for the Gorilla Gadgets CHR-150 Uhuru! 16,800 mAh External Portable Battery Pack Charger with LED Screen. Why is this a great deal? Because Amazon is selling it right now for $70, but is selling it for $40 and the suggested retail price is $140. But what makes this thing awesome? Well, other than the fact that it comes with three different charging connectors (microUSB, lightning and Apple 30-pin), it can also fully charge an iPad and an iPhone and probably still have


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T-Mobile Has Been Ripping Customers Off by "Cramming" Bills

T-Mobile Logo

So, while we really love what T-Mobile has been doing with their uncarrier moves, giving consumers exactly what they want, they have also secretly been screwing customers out of money for no reason. Sure, you can stream music for free (even though this is questionably violating Net Neutrality), but T-Mobile has actually been “cramming” consumers for the past 4 years, from 2009 through 2013  according to an FTC complaint. The FTC claims state that T-Mobile has been billing customers with unauthorized charges and hiding them deep within customers’ bills where they wouldn’t see them. An example of this was posted to the FTC’s website using an actual


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Blizzcon 2014 Dates Announced, November 7th and 8th

Blizzcon 2014 Dates Announcement

Blizzard just announced the dates for their much awaited Blizzcon conference that occurs every year in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center. Based on the announcement, the dates for Blizzcon 2014 will be November 7th and November 8th, later this year, with ticket sales opening up on May 7th, exactly 6 months before the event. In past years, ticket sales for Blizzcon have gone by so quickly that the players hoping to attend Blizzcon are usually disappointed by their inability to get tickets. There are simply too few to get ahold of and they go far too quickly, much like Comic-Con does these days. However, Blizzcon


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Costa Rica Suffers as Intel Pulls Out… and heads to China?

Microprocessors are Costa Rica’s primary export according to their Foreign Trade Ministry. The country was building a name for itself as a tech center in Central America. Intel just put a damper on those plans. The influential company is closing their microchip assembly and testing operations leaving 1,500 locals unemployed. Intel previously touted their contributions to their Central American host country. They indicated that the company participated in social responsibility projects in the community, focusing on education and the environment. Earlier, Intel proudly proclaimed: “While Costa Rica has historically been known for exporting coffee beans and bananas, thanks to Intel’s investment there, those traditional exports


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AT&T Uverse Suffers Another Nationwide Outage

According to reports flooding in through Twitter, AT&T Uverse users are suffering from nationwide outages of both TV and internet service. While there is no official explanation from AT&T or an estimated time of return to service, this is another outage from AT&T’s Uverse service which has been having issues as of late with multiple nationwide outages in recent memory. This is one of the problems with having a unified TV and internet service through one network and one provider. Not to mention the fact that Uverse, when available, is the only alternative to most cable companies that people are stuck with. There are many