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TYLT's PowerPlant Packs a Punch

TYLT hooked up the guys at BSN* with battery packs and other tools to keep our mobile devices alive throughout CES 2013 – Here?s what we thought: One of the highlights of being at CES is that you get to socialize with industry leaders, in a city that parties all night long. But being in Las Vegas has its downsides too, in its arguably busiest week of the year. Within a 3-mile radius you have roughly 3 million nerds heavily-wired with at least 2 mobile devices, all desperately fighting for a stable mobile/data signal to update their web. And this is all on top of


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Sennheiser Enters Lifestyle Listening with Momentum

At CES 2013, Sennheiser introduced the Momentum ? their entry into the lifestyle headphone market, combining brilliant sound with a tasteful, comfortable design. With a lightweight, stainless steel frame wrapped in luxurious leather from Ethiopia and tannery from London, the Mometum at first glance is as striking as the audio it drives. The soft leather ear cups and headband sit very comfortably, while keeping a firm grip that can withstand everyday usage of listeners on-the-go. The headphone cable is outfitted with an in-line media control and microphone, that can transport music, change volume, answer calls, and activate voice control. Like most manufacturers, these controls are


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Technicolor Seamlessly Connects Your Entire Home with Qeo

Earlier today, Technicolor introduced BSN to a private demo of their new Qeo software framework, allowing seamless communication across devices of all brands and platforms. Imagine being able to bridge all of your gadgets and appliances in your home, no matter the manufacturer, operating system, or interface. With the Qeo ecosystem, families can do just that, while creating a custom experience within their home, across all devices. While being able to shoot your media from mobile devices to the television is no secret, Qeo can also manage your alarms, home surveillance, power automation, facial recognitions, and much more. Check out some video highlights of the


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Technicolor Brings Coloring to the Masses

Technicolor is showcasing their new CineStyle Color Assist software at CES 2013, bringing easy color correction solutions to both novice or prosumser videographer. Color correction, a visual skillset once reserved for the professional film industry, has been becoming more available to creators over the last five years, as media creation suites become more accessible to prosumers and videographers of all levels. By applying different color grading and other aesthetic choices to your visual project, you can help achieve different moods within your content, and drive your story forward. Introduced in late 2012, and showcased at this year?s CES, CineStyle Color Assist will bring easy, non-destructive


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Sharp Partners with Corning for New IGZO Displays

Earlier today at CES 2013, Sharp announced their new IGZO-based displays, promising to revolutionize the LCD display industry. IGZO ? short for Indium, Gallium, Zinc, and Oxygen, is a new type of semiconductor touted to miniaturize componentry as well as doubling the operating resolution of a device, in comparison to conventional LCD displays. This is also part of a continuing relationship with Corning glass, with their latest ?Lotus? series of glass substrate. With IGZO technology built into Corning’s Lotus Glass, Sharp is able to achieve displays that can withstand rigorous high-temperature processing while delivering pristine surface quality and superior thickness control. Sharp?s line of Aquos


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CES 2013: Tegra 4 Will Revolutionize Mobile Photography

At NVIDIA?s CES 2013 press conference, Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, agreed that the ?best camera you can have is the one that?s readily available.? It?s no secret that photography on smartphones and mobile devices has become more advanced and popular over the past three years. Tegra 4 will usher in a platform so powerful that capturing and processing your images will become practically instantaneous. One of the most popular processing techniques in mobile photography is using HDR, or high-dynamic range. This is currently a native feature on many of the latest smartphones and captures two images of different exposures, then its CPU superimposes them, calculating


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CES 2013: Vegas Baby!

After setting up yards of extension cable, an array of systems and mobile devices, and figuring out how to connect to the outside world (Wi-Fi isn?t free), the guys at BSN* are now reporting live from Las Vegas for CES 2013! Here?s a sneak preview of what to expect over the next week: New CPU announcements from Intel AMD likely to unveil Sea Islands GPUs and future company strategies NVIDIA likely to showcase Tegra 4 mobile SoC and possible new GPUs Corning will announce Gorilla Glass 3 for smartphones and tablets MakerBot Industries and the industrial revolution of 3D Printing will unveil new 3D printers