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NAB 2013: K-Tek Innovates & Thinks Ahead with Nautilus


At NAB 2013, K-Tek unveiled their new Nautilus mic suspension system and Zeppelin prototype that will solve key issues for the field sound engineer. For over 15 years, K-Tek has been a trusted manufacturer of boom poles, suspension systems, and other audio support accessories in the media industry. Their products are still put to use today on many popular entertainment and news productions all over the world. Unwanted noise is often caused by environmental situations or mishandling equipment, that is then detected by the microphone.  To prevent this, products like these help reduce handling noise and/or wind, without affecting the pickup of your subject.  The


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NAB 2013: Sennheiser Shows Off MKE 600 Shotgun Mic


At NAB 2013, Sennheiser showed us their MKE 600 Shotgun mic, designed for entry-level videographers and sound technicians alike.  Coming from the roots of the popular ME66 mic / K6 module series, the MKE 600 combines the best of both to deliver natural sound for photojournalists that need an easy solution.  Unlike K6 module mics, which have interchangeable heads, the MKE 600 is a one-piece build with a permanent microphone element and similar battery compartment door.  It has a supercardioid/lobar pickup pattern like most shotgun microphones of its class, and a switchable low-cut filter to help remove excess wind or handling noise. This mic is


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Fusion-io Fills in the Gap with New 1.6TB ioFX Card


5 GHz 16-core CPU? Check. NVIDIA workstation GPU with 5000 cores? Check. And tons of RAM to coordinate it all. But can your SSD storage keep up with this powerhouse? Fusion-io knows it can with their ioFX storage acceleration cards. The ioFX is a PCI-E NAND flash memory expansion device that balances out the graphics processing workstation, making sure that each of the system’s cores is fed quick enough resources without any bottlenecking. This new model has a whopping 1.6 TB capacity, four times bigger than their 420 GB model introduced last year, complemented by a 1.4 GBps read and 1.1 GBps write speeds. NVIDIA?s


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NAB 2013: NVIDIA Brings GRID to Hollywood


We’ve seen the GRID at many events since CES 2013, and how it will change the gaming industry. Now NVIDIA wants to tailor this architecture towards another industry: film post-production. The NVIDIA GRID was designed for putting GPU’s into the cloud, handling loads of computing tasks off of these TESLA-fueled datacenters.  NVIDIA saw that this platform could gear resources towards graphics generation tasks, which led to the birth of the VCA (Visual Computing Appliance) platform.  The GRID VCA contains dual CPU’s, RAM, and storage units like any other server, but can also hold up to 16 GRID K2 boards (K5000 class GPU’s) all inside one