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NFC Headlines at SXSW

This year?s South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas includes live tech demos by Isis – the upcoming NFC mobile wallet service for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, setting forth their future debut at points-of-sale in Austin and Salt Lake City this summer. At the live demo, visitors can see the technology in action at a mock grocery store. The Isis-loaded devices can activate the store?s incentives and offers, add loyalty or club cards into the same app, and breeze through checkout by tapping onto a branded terminal. They will also be demonstrating the versatility of NFC, with its use at vending machines or even


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Koss Refreshes an Old Favorite

At CES 2012, there were two major themes for consumer and prosumer audio this year: convenience, and integration with iDevices. So it wasn’t much surprise that many popular headphones, including the crowd-favorite Porta Pro "stereophone" made by Koss, received the inevitable iRefresh – an in-line remote that can control music and communication functions on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Michael Koss Jr. himself, Marketing Director at Koss, gave me a quick tour of the newest additions to their product line, in their meeting room at The Venetian. The "KTC" (Koss Touch Control) version of these headphones will offer listeners the same features as their 28