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Overkill VR Adds Oculus Touch Support


Overkill keeps its name in the news. We’ve tested the game extensively through our first look, and reviewed the early access version of the game created by GameTroopers. Word has reached us that the game developers brought several new updates to the game which brings the title to more platforms. Yes, the biggest update is the expiry of HTC Vive “exclusiveness”, as Overkill VR now fully supports Oculus Rift and its Touch controllers. Given the “dead race” both manufacturers have battled over, it is good to see the titles being available across the range of platforms. Besides Oculus Rift and Touch, this is one of first


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First Look: Overkill VR Early Access Reviewed


Several weeks ago, we posted an article on the new virtual reality game called Overkill VR, and just a few days ago we finally got the chance to experience a beta version of the game. Developed by the Spanish game development team Game Troopers, Overkill VR is one of the many FPS games for VR, but it takes gameplay to more realistic direction. Steam Early Access for the game opens on November 16th, 2016. Your digital avatar in Overkill VR faces difficult situations as the leader of an resistance movement. The goal is to fight and win over the terrorist organization called “The Faction.” Enemies are coming in waves and


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What Do You need to Play Battlefield 1


In the eternal battle of Battlefield vs. Call of Duty, Electronic Arts once more pulled the trigger first and released Battlefield 1 on October 21th (to be followed by Call of Duty on November 4th). Following the first in-game experiences, we decided to do a review on game itself and on hardware needed to run this baby. There was much controversy surrounding Battlefield 1 and its return to World War I, also known as The Great War. Concerns about whether or not such delicate subject matter could ever be given the treatment it deserves, especially in a video game, are justified. This is unquestionably the


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Game Troopers Is Working On VR Version Of Overkill 3

Screenshot from Overkill 3

Game Troopers need no introduction – this publisher of simple or mobile games just announced its entrance into the field of mobile VR games. The publisher teamed again with Craneballs, their development team to deliver their first VR title. Craneballs is known for Overkill 3, an action game that can be played as third person shooter on PC, and Android or… as a First Person Shooter in Virtual Reality environment. Overkill 3 was originally made as a TPS, but Game Troopers decided to fund the re-make into a VR title. The game features some cool features like crouch and stand combat, and quite awesome mechanics for taking cover.


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Seven Top Games For Oculus VR Platform


There are quite a few games that were presented at the Oculus Connect event, which took place last week. Among a sea of titles, there were several that caught my eyes and in the end, we picked seven titles that are hitting all the sweet spots on the market, from dreamy adventures to action games. They show the maturing of Oculus VR platform, and need to provide sufficient interest to guarantee sustainability of Oculus as such. Given the quality of titles coming out of Oculus Studios, we’re not too worried as some titles are mighty impressive. Luna First game is called Luna, made by some of


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Football Manager: The Game You Must Play

Football Manager Intro picture. Copyright: Florian Christoph

Football Manager (FM) is the best game of all time. It doesn’t matter which instalment you are playing, it is still the best game in the world. For those who have not played the game before, below is a brief overview of this classic franchise. By the end of it you will probably be shelling out for your very own copy. Availability The latest Football Manager – FM15 – is available on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. There is no reason to believe that FM16 will be any different. The Basics As you may guess from the title, the game sees you


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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review: The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep

TW3 Featured Pic

Venture forth into the brilliant, hallowed world of Temeria for a fantasy-driven experience you won’t soon forget.


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DmC Definitive Edition Review: Dante’s Inferno

DmC Devil May Cry™: Definitive Edition_20150315073322

Capcom’s new remaster is a devil of a time that shouldn’t be missed.


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Pay For Your Sins in Tormentum Dark Sorrow

tormentum logo

Tormentum Dark Sorrow is a dark point and click adventure created by the three man developing team OhNoo.


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Evolve Review: Monster Of The Week

Evolve  Wraith Splash

Monster mash–and it’s a graveyard smash.


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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Review: Flawed Future


Sledgehammer falls short in delivering a true futuristic action shooter.


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Alien Isolation Review: Hunted By A Freak


There’s something lurking in the shadows aboard the Sevastopol, something dark, terrible and…hungry.


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Destiny Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Destiny Traveler

Destiny is an expansive, evolving interstellar adventure, but Bungie has yet to tap into the game’s massive potential.


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Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition Review

Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition

  Developer: Blizzard Entertainment Publisher: Activision Publishing Release Date: August 19, 2014 Platform: PS4 (Reviewed), Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 Genre: Action RPG, Dungeon Crawler MSRP: $59.99 Do Fear the Reaper Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition is one of the best games available on the PlayStation 4. It’s jam-packed with some of the most exceptional console-based dungeon crawling you can find, and is bursting with infinitely replayable monster-slaying action. It pulls players into a world of never-ending ARPG chaos, and is a shining example that Blizzard are the masters of their craft. The Ultimate Evil Edition comes with the original Diablo III game as well as its Reaper of Souls expansion–along


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The Last of Us: Remastered PS4 Review

The Last of Us Remastered

Developer: Naughty Dog Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Release Date: July 29, 2014 Platform: PlayStation 4 Genre: Survival Horror, Action MSRP: $49.99   Author’s Note: This is my first time playing The Last of Us, and the review will reflect my experiences as someone who has no prior knowledge of the game. Although this is a review on the HD re-mastered version, I will discuss the merits of the game for both new and old players of the series. Where do we start when discussing The Last of Us? Do we talk about dynamic personable characters like Joel and Ellie that make players actually care about their future? Can we start with