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Jake Rowell: How The best VR Experience Came to Life

WeVR theBlu: Whale Encounter

After spending the past ten days in Hollywood, we met with numerous industry members who are working on next generation of Virtual Reality content. There’s little doubt that we are witnessing the dawn of a new medium, with Hollywood leading the charge when it comes to content development. As an industry, we need immersive experiences that will show what VR brings to the table and so far, there are two experiences one should go through: WeVR’s “theBlu” for HTC Vive and Crytek’s “The Climb” for Oculus Rift. For a pure enjoyment, theBlu experiences simply are the best way to immerse a person in virtual reality,


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Can Virtually Live Replace Pay Per View Television?

Virtually Live Formula E Menu

Couple of years ago, we witnessed a trend of “cutting the cord”, i.e. canceling the cable subscription in the United States. Still to this date, cable subscription is the primary way how majority of households receives its TV channels. Their offering got expanded with the advance of expensive PPV (pay-per-view) programs, such as UFC / MMA fight nights and the shift of Formula 1 World Championship from FTA (free-to-air) to the PPV model. The arrival of Virtual Reality headsets is bringing another possibility – unlike TV, which puts you in a passive position – VR can make you ‘a part of the match’, or a ‘part of


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Is Kevin Spacey Biggest Evangelist for VR?

Kevin Spacey

At the recently held World Economic Forum, an annual event held in Davos, Switzerland Kevin Spacey gave a talk you should listen to if you’re involved with the business of content production or virtual reality, this video is something you should see. Kevin discussed different, creative approach to doing business, such as developments with a known movie producer house Relativity Media when they produced character-driven movies and genre defying movies such as The Social Network, Captain Philips or 21. But where things get really crazy is at 18 minute mark, when Kevin starts to discuss Virtual Reality and what it will mean for the world. This just might be


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David Bowie was Right About the Internet in 2000

David Bowie

All the media outlets and social media channels were swamped with tributes to legendary musician David Bowie. Also known as The Chameleon, his career transpired through decades, and gave inspiration to numerous musicians we all known and listen to today. However, David was also an outspoken intelectual, who often challenged the society and status quo. We stumbled on an interview from 2000, almost 16 years ago, where David talked to Jeremy Paxman about his career and trends in music. From today’s perspective, it is almost incomprehensible to understand why the Internet was so criticized and feared for – and this is something millenials will probably


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Inside Rivet Networks: How is Killer Reinventing Themselves?

Killer Network Logo (PRNewsFoto/Rivet Networks)

In 2006, the world saw a public debut of two add-on cards that promised to change the gaming experience forever. AGEIA debuted PhysX, or Physics Processing Unit (PPU), while a small team from Texas introduced a Killer NPU – Network Processing Unit. In 2008, AGEIA ended up acquired by NVIDIA, while Bigfoot Networks was acquired by Qualcomm and became a part of Qualcomm Atheros. A few weeks ago, we learned that something unusual happened. It is very rare that the technology, once acquired ends up back in a standalone company. To be more precise, in a company owned and run by the original co-founders. Yet,


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The Swede Who Crafted One of the World’s Biggest Games


Markus Persson invented Minecraft, and should be a household name for this generation.


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CES Asia: How Will CEA Overcome the Challenges of Hosting a CES in Shanghai?


Hosting an event like CES in Shanghai is bound to have its challenges. But CES Asia’s Show Director explains how he’s planning to have a smooth show.


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Satoshi Matsuoka Interview on state of Japan’s HPC Market

WG-k-computer (1)

VR World chats with Satoshi Matsuoka to understand what is going on in the HPC space land of the rising sun.


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Jack Dongarra on the Great Exascale Challenge and Rising HPC Powers


VR World chats with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Jack Dongarra on the road to exascale computing, and rising national powers in the HPC space.


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Error-Free Computing: Unums Save Both Real and Virtual Battles


VR World chats with John Gustafson about the challenges of implementing universal numbers into hardware, and the benefits they offer computing.


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LifeBEAM: User Experience Should be Focus of Wearable Tech

LifeBeam smart helmet

In this interview with LifeBEAM, creator of embedded bio-sensing devices, we learn that wearables should not be intrusive. Instead, wearable device makers should design with a great user experience in mind.



Crowdsourcing Week: The Rise of the Crowd Economy


In this interview with Crowdsourcing Week’s Priti Ambani, we learn about the importance of trust and reputation in crowdsourcing and some origin stories behind these social phenomena.



Future of Tech in Content, Not Devices – imonomy CEO

Responsive Design

In an interview with BSN*, imonomy CEO Oren Dror says content is more important than the various new Internet-connected devices, but his visual semantics startup is geared to addresses the needs of a multi-platform environment.


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Intel’s David McCloskey Looks Ahead at 2015 and Back at 2014


VR World chats with Intel’s director of marketing and business operations for Asia Pacific and Japan about what’s in store for the coming year.



For Visual Semantics Startup imonomy, the Future of Tech is in Content & Not Devices

Web Design

In an interview with BSN*, imonomy CEO Oren Dror says content is more important than the various new Internet-connected devices, but his visual semantics startup is geared to addresses the needs of a multi-platform environment.


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Q&A with Oktopost on the Value of B2B Social Media: 'Screw Likes, Get Leads'

Social Media and Biz

In a Q&A, Oktopost CEO Daniel Kushner reveals how lead-generation and accountability are more important than simple connections in B2B social media.



99Bitcoins Interview: What do Bitcoin, Cash and Diamonds Have in Common?

Bitcoin green

In an interview with 99Bitcoins’ Ofir Beigel, he shares how Bitcoin’s value is still driven by speculation, which can limit its potential for mass adoption.



Will Startup Culture Takeoff in China And Taiwan?

Taipei's skyline at night. (Photo: Luke Ma/Flickr)

Beijing-based venture capitalist Rui Ma chats about startups in Asia.



Q&A: Executive of 500 Startups Early-Stage Investment Fund on Taiwan and China Startup Scenes

Rui Ma, Partner, Greater China, 500 Startups

Greater China-based technology seed and angel investor Rui Ma discusses Taiwan and China startups with VR World.



Nadav Dakner on Content Marketing, ‘Death of PageRank’ and Startups Living on Borrowed Time


Israeli entrepreneur and founder Nadav Dakner says entrepreneurs in potential conflict areas must always be on their toes, knowing how to deal with any eventuality.