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Noctua’s Core i7 adapter arrives

A while ago, I wrote a piece about Noctua, Austrian company that decided to give away LGA-1366 adapters to all owners of their products. Since I own NH-U12P cooler with adapters for AM2/AM2+/AM3 and Socket 775, I needed the adapter for LGA1366, for the last piece of the puzzle called Core i7 meets QuadFire over Smackover ;-). It took a week for a package to arrive, which is not so bad for a free adapter. This adapter allows you to do rotation to a multiple degree, and I can’t wait to bring you the pictures and the video of setting the system up. The video


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UPDATED: PDAStudio brings clutter-free LCD case display

In the past several years, LCD displays for cases had quite a craze… selling like hotcakes, even though they were quite expensive. I didn’t like them not because of the price, but rather because all the crap cabling that came with them. I still have two LCD displays and they’re not in any of my cases since they have roughly dozen cables going outside them. Finally, somebody got the message. I received pictures from Italian PDA Studio Srl, company that made great strides into bringing the water-cooling setups into the world of automotive workstations. These guys’n’girls are now thinking what to do with enthusiast space,


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Happy Thanksgiving!

After a day break due to mechanical issues over at, the PALIT Folding@Home 2008 stats are updated with latest data. The challenge will continue to receive updates on daily basis on every day of the week, unless Kakao goes on strike again. Personally, I feel a bit annihilated after today’s 2-hour visit to the dental office. My sins of the past (on racetracks 😉 finally caught up with me, and fixing them is no walk in the park. It’s 10PM here and I am shutting down – thanksgiving dinner is over and done for me, it was awesome seeing some old friends (Americans that