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120Hz LCD, LED-backlit panels gaining market traction

It looks like Nvidia was on to something when the company chose stereoscopic method for its GeForce 3D Vision project. Obligatory requirement for 120Hz refresh rate seemed ludicrous at best, but I just saw an interesting figure… according to analysis firm DisplaySearch, shipment of 120Hz LCD panels reached 3.3 million units. This is the same share as in previous quarter (Q3’08), but now 120Hz panels make up for 16% of all 32″ panels and 31% of all 40″+ LCD TV panels. This is a very interesting trend and analysts don’t expect to end soon. Second big winner is LED-backlight panel. This type of displays jumped



Nvidia’s 3D Glasses to cost $199? That’s hellishly expensive!

Nvidia 3D glasses to cost $199… incredibly expensive.


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Nvidia’s 3D glasses are surprisingly expensive

Back at Nvision 08 in August, Jen-Hsun demonstrated 3D Vision during his keynote speech. While the whole audience enjoyed in demonstration of 3D technology, nobody knew how the technology works. We bring more details and gallery of this hot upcoming product.